Connect, Engage and Help Customers

Mobilize products, services and knowledge to engage customers at various touch points. Leverage the power of mobile to enable customers to discover, select, use and share your products by providing relevant information at just the right moment. Deliver a personalized and optimized experience for every customer, wherever they are; making it more effective to acquire and retain customers.  


Customer Experience

Transform customer experience by simplifying the customer interactions and delivering better value and utility throughout the customer life cycle. Mobilize, personalize and socialize every customer touch-point to delight customers by saving them time, money and effort. Make customer engagement fun and rewarding using proven Gamification models such as points, leader boards, and badges. Increase customer conversion, loyalty, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) utilizing m-ize’s customer centric approach.




Grow Revenue & Profitability

Realize higher revenue per customer by reducing churn, increasing repeat purchases, and growing incremental sales of related products and services. Up-sell, cross-sell, and re-sell products and services utilizing m-ize customer insights. Realize greater Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for existing customer base while lowering cost of acquisition from better ratings, reviews, and advocacy.  



Instead of ineffective marketing methods of advertising that customers are trying to avoid, m-ize enables brands to engage connected customers in smarter ways through better product discovery, relevant offers, gamification, and loyalty programs. Learn how marketers can more effectively acquire and retain customers using m-ize Smarter Customer Engagement Platform.


Increase conversion rates by simplifying the decision process through convenient access to comprehensive product information, review, comparisons, and pricing on all mobile devices. Improve attach rates and increase overall Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by upselling and cross-selling service plans, Subscription service, Accessories, and related products and services, learn how brands can grow sales using m-ize Smart Blox for sales.


Using m-ize Smart Blox, connect with the customer directly through increased product registrations, resolve support issues quickly through better access to knowledge, and increase product availability by streamlining warranty and service processes. Learn how brands can drive customer satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing customer support and service.

Marketing Product Discovery Ratings & Reviews Marketing Offers Voice Of Customer Loyalty Customer Community
Sales Locator Subscription Program Mobile Commerce Social Commerce Parts & Accessories Service Plans
Service Service & Support Product 360 Field Service Warranty Inspection Product Registration


A Better Way for Brands to Market, Sell, and Service

Consumers are migrating to new technologies at a faster rate than ever before. Brands, retailers, and service providers need to be able to meet and exceed the rising expectations of today’s connected customers. Smart Blox are pre-integrated modules that accelerate time to market; greatly reducing budget requirements, while providing a unified solution. m-ize’s portfolio of Smart Blox optimizes consumer’s experience at all touch-points, while increasing impact of engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Read More …

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