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Multipoint Engagement

Mize simplifies the customer experience by transforming how companies engage today’s connected, mobile and social consumers.  Mize directly connects consumers with brands enabling easier access to products, knowledge and services.

Consumers get the best value through instant access to relevant product information, reviews, recommendations and support from friends, brands, retailers and service providers.  Companies accelerate revenues and foster loyalty by engaging consumers by enhancing the customer experience at all touch points.

Multipoint Engagement

The Mize Smarter Customer Engagement platform enables a personalized user experience, flexible brand orchestration, actionable insights and seamless enterprise integration. Mize delivers smarter customer engagement through a consumer-centric channel or a branded solution. Both models utilize Mize Smart Blox; a portfolio of interconnecting configurable components.

Our global team of experts leverages the latest developments in web, mobile, social, cloud and analytic technologies to deliver innovative solutions to Consumers, Brands, Retailers and Service providers.

Service & Support Smarter Consumers

Mize is the platform for connected, social, and mobile consumers to manage all the products they want and own.  Consumers can now maximize value and minimize hassle by gaining easy access to related information, advice, and support from the social network or brands.  Mize enables product companies to reach, engage, support and service all these smarter consumers.

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