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Technical Architecture.


Consumer-Centric Solutions

Consumer-Centric Engagement SolutionsThe technical architecture of the Mize service platform is consumer-centric, as well as, social, mobile and cloud-based. Architected to analyze and process an enormous volume of interactions and transactions.

The Mize solution harnesses these emerging technologies; combining them in new and unique ways. The resulting capabilities address the needs of both brands and consumers, allowing them to connect, interact and engage in ways never before possible.




Our consumer-centric software is not positioned just for back-office business.  Mize solutions allow an veritable army of consumers to utilize the applications; accessing and maintaining data which facilitates their interactions with brands and other consumers.



More than a billion people now have social network accounts.  Increasingly they are using these channels to engage with brands and obtain customer support.  The Mize platform service enables consumers to access and share product information, as well as, ratings, reviews, recommendations, advice and support.


In a post-PC world, there are an ever-growing number of mobile devices being used by consumers to perform a variety of computing activities. Mize software applications support mobile operating systems such iOS and Android. This allows consumers to access information from any device – anytime, anywhere.


Our cloud-based solution allows consumers to remotely store their data and access from any device. Businesses can run and access applications and analytics from the cloud; eradicating capital expenditures in infrastructure and implementations.  Mize has created new modular cloud-based components and service solutions while leveraging existing cloud infrastructure and platforms.


Big Data

The consumerization of IT has caused an explosion of data derived from sensor-laden devices, electronic transactions and social media interactions.  The Mize platform enables consumers to track trends, and brands to gain insight, utilizing big data strategies and the transactional gymnastics necessary to process and analyze this data.


Mize for Developers

Our platform provides numerous standardized web services for third party developers, allowing them to create new, exciting and innovative applications and services for both brands and consumers.

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