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AEM Mize Equip Connect.


Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and Mize have joined forces to offer AEM’s member companies the Equip Connect program to easily manage the warranty, support, and service needs for their distributors, dealers, and end customers.

Currently, each dealership that carries equipment from multiple manufacturers must learn each manufacturer’s interface for performing service transactions such as ordering parts and submitting warranty claims. This causes a great deal of inefficiencies for the dealership.

Equip Connect provides a shared hub for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and customers to exchange transaction information such as product registrations, warranty claims, returns (RMA), pre-approvals, payments, and supporting data. This program also offers AEM member organizations a special discounted price and at a monthly subscription model reducing upfront investments as well as cost of maintaining the individual software systems.

AEM Mize Equip Connect

Mize portal provides a simple unified interface with all manufacturers for dealers who carry many brands. The software makes it easier to do business with and benefits manufacturers by:

  • Improving Customer satisfaction and experience
  • Streamlining warranty and service processes
  • Reducing warranty costs
  • Increasing parts sales
  • Reducing software and support costs related to warranty, parts, and service
  • Enabling Industry best practices and collaboration across the participating members

The solution includes:

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