AER Manufacturing Integrates JD Edwards ERP and Automates Warranty Lifecycle Management with Mize


What do you drive? It’s probably powered by AER Manufacturing – they’re a world leader in both engine remanufacturing and OEM spec-built products for over 70 years, supplying the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan, Subaru, and Volvo with the horsepower getting us down the road.


AER offers Warranty, Parts, and Support on the remanufactured engines and components. Their goal was to improve customer service and product quality while reducing warranty costs wherever possible.

They needed an easy to use and flexible system to replace a decade-old homegrown warranty management system that had become unwieldy to support, unable to integrate with their JD Edwards ERP and lacked the searchability AER’s Warranty team needed. They were saddled with manual claim entry, and with a heavy inbound call volume to initiate processing.

AER wanted to:

  • Reduce warranty cost at every possible juncture
  • Mitigate inefficiencies for inspecting engines arriving in AER warehouses, and
  • Improve product quality, along with customer and dealer experiences

Ultimately, they were seeking a single system to handle all points of their warranty lifecycle.


After a global search for a system to meet their needs, AER selected Mize Warranty Management to automate and streamline the entire lifecycle, with Mize’s configured Smart Blox to coordinate Product InspectionsRegistrationsWarranty Claims, and Parts Returns. Mize CX Connect provided seamless integration between Mize’s cloud-based system, JD Edwards (for manufacturing and financial data synchronization), and any new systems AER plans to add in the future.

To enhance both customer and dealer experiences, AER implemented Mize’s Customer Portal to allow end consumers to generate claims to the OEM, either directly or in tandem with their dealer.

Mize enabled AER dealers and customers to directly register engines, track warranty status, submit warranty claims, perform inspections, and manage returns. This manifested an environment where customers’ expectations of quality, cost, and delivery are met, experiencing an additional facet of AER’s reliability and devotion to quality and a satisfying brand experience, highlighted through their warranty department.

Benefits of AER’s Mize Warranty Management system include: ​

  • Decreased inbound calls, resulting in lower overhead ​
  • System consolidation facilitating operating efficiency improvements ​
  • Better information capture from claims, including pictures and documentation attachments
  • Greater accuracy and productivity in claims processing

To see Mize’s Warranty Management system’s functionality, request a demo today.

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