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Mize On AR/MR.


Improve Customer Experience Through Virtual Interactive Presence

Augmented Reality/Merged Reality to Optimize Service Performance

Capital Equipment Manufacturers, Service Providers, and Dealers can utilize Augmented Reality and Merged Reality to bring remote expert support directly to customers and service technicians

Mize now offers Mize On AR/MR (Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality), a state-of-the-art Virtual Interactive Telepresence application for Field Service Management, Warranty Management, Customer Support, and Service Parts Management.

Revolutionize your Customer Experience

Simply put, Merged Reality routinely outperforms every other possible remote assistance capability

  • 65% more problems are resolved using video-based support over phone-based support
  • However, 22% more problems are solved using Merged Reality instead of simple video with Telestration!
  • Many times the expert needs to show someone how to solve a problem

Mize On AR/MR provides a deeper level of diagnostics and knowledge management through a collaborative, real-time experience

  • Improve First Time Fix
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Boost Customer Experience
  • Increase Resource Utilization
  • Accelerate Service Resolution

10X Better
Superior Cognition and Outcomes

  • Gesturing is one of the most natural and effective ways of communicating with someone else.
  • On average, we use 2.88 gestures to explain one key point.
  • Research indicates that nonverbal cues are 430% more effective than verbal cues.
  • Enabling the Use of Non Verbal Cues, Gestures, Real Tools and Real Visual Aids Which Improve Overall Communication 10X
  • Overcome Technical language and foreign language

Mize team of global experts bring decades of experience in delivering solutions that Optimize Service Performance and Maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

Mize on AR/MR can be deployed in a Subscription model (SaaS) quickly and cost effectively today.

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