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Facilitating Consumer Relationships

Consumer RelationshipsThe m-ize service platform facilitates mobile-social networking through several different types of relationships. First it connects consumers with their friends. These friendships may exist in real-life, as well as on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The m-ize platform provides a whole new consumer community for these relationships to flourish, despite their origin.

Anyone with the ability to communicate electronically via email or social may participate in this new community. Any consumer in this community can elicit and/or provide information on products they want or own.

These one-to-one consumer relationships and information derived from these interactions is held in high regard by consumers. Studies have shown that these consumer-to-consumer recommendations are reported to be more powerful than any brand advertisement or professional product reviewers.


Connecting Consumers & Brands

Connecting Consumers with BrandsSecondly the platform facilitates a relationship between consumers and companies. Communication may be established via voice, text, chat, instant message, email, video or any other methodology that the consumer’s smart-device may allow.

Consumers can connect with manufacturers, brands, retailers, service providers and more to discover products, gain information or support for things they own.

Brands can engage consumers prior to purchase, utilizing the platform’s communication console to embrace potential customers and nurture the relationship. Brands may provide personalized information based on the consumer’s preferences, as well as what products they currently own and want.

Brands may provide an even more bespoke customer experience by assessing products wanted and owned by the consumer’s friends, family and social networks who may also be participating in the community. Multi-tenant occupancy on the m-ize platform delivers opportunities similar to having your brand presence in a department store or mall.

Cross-sell, upsell, accessory and warranty opportunities are heightened by multiple brands participating in this innovative consumer community. Knowing the consumer, their interpersonal relationships and their sentiment concerning any given product provides new previously unavailable insight and dynamics. These discernments establish fresh viewpoints from which action may be taken, and increased sales may be netted.


Connecting Brands With Brands

Another aspect of the m-ize service platform is the cooperation between brands. Companies can establish a relationship with one another, delivering a unified offering revolving around the consumer’s needs. When a sale occurs often-purchased, relevant items – not manufactured or distributed by the seller are offered along with the item. This is similar to a retail environment where the sales associate provides the consumer with everything they need to accompany the item purchased. This adds value for the consumer, as well as the brands participating in the offering.


Connecting Distributors & Customers

Connecting Distributors and CustomersThe fourth type of relationship that’s supported by the platform is the multilayered affiliations that exist in the realm of dealer/distributors. Many manufacturers have a network of authorized resellers who distribute the products and may provide value added services. These companies add another level of sophistication to the relationship with consumers.

The m-ize service platform provides the necessary mechanisms for the brand to communicate with the reseller, and have corresponding offers to be relayed to potential customers when appropriate. The m-ize platform provides a seamless experience for all parties broadcasting information tailored to each faction of the distribution chain.

Platform capabilities for multi-tiered manufacturers and dealer relationships may include special competencies which are not required in more standardized offerings. Modules such as a dynamic product configurator or pre-delivery inspection tools are just a few of the examples of how the m-ize platform services many aspects of the distribution chain.

The m-ize service platform accommodates Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and Business to Dealer to Consumer (B2D2C) relationships. m-ize provides simplicity through our complex, yet easy to operate solution. Our platform and software enables enterprises to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty while simplifying the way consumers discover, own and maintain their products.

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