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Smarter Customer Engagement.


Smarter Customer Engagement

interactiveExponential growth of smartphones and social media usage has resulted in billions of always connected, mobile and social consumers worldwide.

These smart consumers increasingly rely on their mobile devices and social networks to learn about products, make purchase decisions and get support.  Brands increasingly face the risk of losing market share and revenue from these social, mobile consumers.

Existing channels of customer communications are rapidly becoming irrelevant, disconnected and ineffective.  Brands owners can accelerate revenue growth by adopting the m-ize Smarter Customer Engagement platform to market, sell and support their products.


Three Dimensions of Smarter Customer Engagement

Smarter Customer Engagement requires brands to mobilize, socialize and personalize every customer touch-point.


Smarter Customer Engagement


When asked how companies can encourage them to spend more, 61% of customers specified availability for questions, and accessibility of information prior to making a purchase.

Brands need to reach, engage and support consumers wherever they are; making it easier to discover, select, use and promote your products.




93% of customers identify word of mouth as the best, most reliable source about ideas and information on products and services. 90% of online consumers worldwide trust recommendations from people they know.

Brands need to participate, influence and share conversations about products and brands to magnify positive word of mouth and address any issues proactively before they damage the brand.


Consumers listen to and act when product recommendations, messages and offers are tailored and based on the user’s context including location, intentions, interests, opinions, activities, questions, connections, responses and level of satisfaction.



Benefits to Brands

  • Increased revenues and market share with today’s social, mobile consumers
  • Lowered cost of marketing and support per customer
  • Increased customer loyalty and wallet share from current customer base


The m-ize Approach

Our methodology to Smarter Customer Engagement outlines how brands may use customers as engine for growth.

The m-ize Approach



Ensuring customers are fully satisfied leads to increased advocacy and accelerated promotion of your products. Brands can generate positive ratings, reviews and recommendations of their products through focusing on customers.


Intent Driven

Today’s technology has made it easier for consumers to ignore advertisements, emails and offers. Brands can garner the customer’s attention if messages are relevant, contextual and timely, helping fulfilling a customer’s intention.



Customers expect brands to deliver a frictionless customer experience before, during and after the sale. Focus on this unified experience leads to greater sales of products, accessories, service programs and upgrades to a more satisfied customer base.


The m-ize Solution

m-ize provides a complete end-to-end ecosystem which includes; Consumer-facing Apps, Cloud Platform, Smart Blox and Brand Portal. The combination of these three proprietary solutions forms a direct connection between consumers and brands.


Consumer Facing Apps

Allows customers manage and track the products they want and own. Users utilize the m-ize consumer community to provide feedback and gain access to recommendations, reviews and support information.


Smarter Customer Engagement Platform

The m-ize SCE platform provides integration points, as well as analytic capabilities – connecting all stakeholders; including consumers, social networks, brands, retailers and service providers.


Customer Central

Our Customer Central brand portal enables brands to manage all aspects of customer engagement, to differentiate their brand and convert consumers into customers.

Brands face enormous challenges in today’s mobile and social marketplace. This new territory requires a new set of skills and tools. Internal development of smarter customer engagement solutions is a costly and a time consuming project.

Roadmap to Smarter Customer Engagement

Enterprise software packages from ERP or CRM vendors fall short in reaching and engaging end customers in the new mobile and social world.

m-ize services integrate with your existing infrastructure, providing bi-lateral information exchange to current CRM & ERP and other back-end systems. m-ize levels the playing field allowing you to get closer to consumers than ever before. All aspects of the system are provided; consumer apps and portal are coupled with a pay-for-performance business model allowing quick, cost-effective implementation of m-ize solutions.


Roadmap to Smarter Customer Engagement

Brands, retailers and service providers can begin leveraging Smart Blox for Smarter Customer Engagement. Our expert analysts can get you started with an assessment of your current state of adoption in regards to Smarter Customer Engagement. We’ll provide an implementation roadmap which details the strategies necessary to become a smarter brand.

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