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Building Material Warranty Management.

Cloud-based Warranty Management Solution for the Building Materials Industry

As a manufacturer of building materials, your organization deserves to have the warranty management solution to quickly and accurately address your customers’ concerns while effectively communicating to internal stakeholders to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Mize Building Material Warranty Management solution connects manufacturers, distributors, dealers, suppliers, and customers to optimize Warranty Management by streamlining warranty processes, reducing warranty costs and improving product quality.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all warranty processes by simplifying and automating product registrations,  warranty claimsinspections, support, and service.



Reduce warranty costs by applying warranty policies and terms, increasing supplier recovery, and improving service operations. Increase customer retention and grow service plan sales by delivering a better value and differentiated customer experience.



Improve product quality through actionable insights with warranty reporting and analysis to reduce detection- to-correction cycle time of any product defects. Enhance collaboration with all stakeholders including Quality, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Suppliers.


Mize offers a state-of-the-art secure, reliable and scalable application that allows multiple remote users to have full or controlled limited access via web or mobile to a common platform to share information.

  • Seamless integration with field inspectors using mobile apps for direct entry of data and pictures to support the claims process
  • Pre-defined specific area of responsibilities (AOR) so that 3rd party contractors can operate in a single consolidated warranty system
  • Enable employees to work remotely to access the application with the right security and data protections
  • Connect directly with your Customer and Channel Partners for simplified improved communication

Mize provides a configurable BPM tool that automates warranty policies, workflows, and business rules while providing the flexibility to allow warranty business users to easily update and manage.

  • Leverage business rules and auto approvals to reduce number of claims that need to be reviewed manually by claims analysts improving claim cycle times
  • Allow multiple products with varying warranty policies and terms to be automatically calculated based on dates and complex rules enhancing accuracy of warranty data
  • Standardize best practice warranty processes across administrative groups for effective consistent claims management performance with flexibility for future products and processes.
  • Global management of claims by incorporating multiple languages with translation, units of measure, and currency along with validation of international addresses

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Building Materials Manufacturers can obtain a complete historical record of claim activity including customer calls, emails, and notes captured with all supporting documents attached, and easily retrievable and auditable

  • Robust search function that populates matches compiling all related claims in one snapshot view.
  • All customer communications are logged with emails sent directly through the database automatically captured along with claimant reply and corresponding documents attached
  • Create document templates with hotpots to quickly generate letters, emails, and proposals that are stored in system where all documents are easily retrievable
  • Easily assign tasks where user credentials are automatically captured and date/time stamped

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Mize Warranty Insights Reporting software; powered by the leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyze warranty data to draw meaningful insights, track warranty metrics, emerging quality issues, and improve quality.

  • Powerful reporting tool saves time and cost in creating ad hoc reports for significant improvement in data quality and analytics to gain actionable insights to predict and reduce warranty costs.
  • Provides trusted centralized dashboards and standard reporting to all internal stakeholders effectively communicating warranty metrics to determine the root cause and improve quality for increased revenues
  • Easily scheduled and configurable bulk data extractions for data feeds to other outside sources. Ex. Batch processing of multiple payments with distinct payment types and methods directly through existing interfaced SAP enterprise applications.


Mize Building Material Management Solution, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox, helps companies to maximize customer lifetime value. Mize global team of experts have decades of experience in delivering warranty and Building Material Management.

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