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Customer Success Stories.


“Tech Connect facilitates the spread of knowledge across & between our dealers as well as linking different information types together to form a complete service-picture for our technicians.”
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Charles Dowdell
Director, Global Technical Service Information

Elliott Equipment

“Our new warranty system from Mize enables us to manage warranty more effectively by tracking product registrations, warranty coverages, warranty claims, and parts returns.”

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Jerry Monahan
Manager of After Sales Support

Precision Equipment

” Mize connected customer experience platform will enable us to connect better with dealers, customers, and products to deliver more proactive service.”

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Dr. Joel Jorgenson

Premium 2000+

“We selected Mize as our partner because of their understanding of the industry, specialization in warranty management and software that meets our needs.”

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Lynn Murphy,


“As a complete solution, Mize Parts Ordering system offers us the necessary flexibility and control to manage various aspects of parts ordering.”

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Chris Trogstad
Senior Manager, Operations


“Mize platform and solution will enable us to streamline all customer support and service processes providing greater value at a lower cost.”

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John Apps
VP of Operations with Drobo

Kubota Engine America

“The automated and integrated warranty solution improves productivity and helps us to handle our sales growth more effectively.”

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Jim Strepek,
Director of Service Engineering


“My Trimble Protected powered by Mize is becoming our full-service portal for our distribution partners and customers for product registrations, warranty management, and services support”
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Cheryl Johnson
Business Systems Manager

AER Manufacturing

“Mize extends our warranty process to customers and dealers using a customer portal and a dealer web application. “

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Sr IT analyst


Sharing warranty claim data and quality metrics help us to collaborate on improving quality and address any emerging issues in a timely fashion.

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Dave Bunton
Sr. Manager for Trek’s Global Warranty Operations


The Mize Customer Portal will provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for customers to access self-service knowledge, support, service, and all product information.
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Joachim Raber
‎Director of Global Service


The new warranty solution from Mize will help us manage our warranty costs, improve product quality, and enhance data sharing with our manufacturing operations and suppliers.

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Clay Eubanks


Implementing Mize online Warranty management system is another big step in enhancing our service to the customers and dealers in North America.

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Mark Berg


“We selected Mize as our solution partner because the Mize software allows us to leverage the industry best practices, standardize processes across claim groups, provide flexibility for future processes, and have a significant improvement in data quality and analytics.“

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Vance Thomas


We are extremely excited to have live, accurate warranty data available at all times in easy to understand formats.”

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Eric Fowler
Director of service and warranty, PSI


Mize provides a scalable solution that can provide our customers with on-demand insights and information they need to visualize and understand their equipment maintenance service program.

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We selected Mize because it offers a nice balance between proven open-box solution and a configurable solution we could make our own.

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Kristen Szustakowski
Customer Experience Director, AfterShokz.


Our goal when looking for our new repair system was to find a system that was versatile without the need to customize. While going through the process, Mize stood out in that category. After the demo, we knew Mize was going to be able to meet our expectations.

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Curtis Wright
Repair Manager at INIT
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