Data Architect-Tampa, FL, USA & Hyderabad, India.

Mize is looking for a Data Architect who will be responsible for data architecture, database modeling, data analysis, data migration and data integration. Data Architect will also be responsible for metadata management, master data management, data governance, database performance, data quality, and data integrity.

Apply to Mize JobJob responsibilities

• Set vision and strategies for data storage, data flows and data access to meet business and technical needs of the software products
• Design logical databases, translate logical design to one or more physical databases, and make decisions on data stores
• Design and implement relational, non-relational databases
• Design and manage Data Migration (Validation, Clean-up and Mapping) from various data sources
• Develops strategies and plans for data acquisition, storage, archival, and recovery
• Integrate a diverse set of internal and external data sources
• Design and develop Data warehouse, Data marts and analytical data stores
• Ability to write and tune SQL and non-SQL queries
• Analyze and tune database design and queries for high performance
• Design and implement strategies to maintain data quality and integrity
• Review, assess, consult and mentor other members of the development team

Job requirements

• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science
• 5+ years of experience in data architecture, database modeling, data analysis, and data integration
• 5+ years in database design and implementation
• 5+ years’ experience in Logical Entity Relationship (ER) data modeling
• 5+ years’ experience in major relational databases like Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server
• Experience with non-relational databases (Cassandra, HBase, Neo4J)
• Knowledge of BigData technologies like Hadoop