Electrolux Reduces Technician Support Costs and Improves Speed of Service with Mize


Electrolux is a leading global appliance company helping to shape better living by reinventing taste, care, and well-being experiences.   The company was in search of a Knowledge Management solution to provide a better service solution for all stakeholders including customers, service technicians, and channel partners.


Prior to implementing Mize, Electrolux was utilizing a legacy system to provide information to Technicians in the field.  The previous system wasn’t mobile friendly.  It was outdated and not searchable.  Service information and knowledge were located inside Electrolux’s firewall and there was no offline functionality.

Due to these shortcomings, service related information was difficult to access.  Service Technicians spent an inordinate amount of time retrieving information.  In addition, they would often contact the Electrolux Technical Support Line for help, placing an increased burden on the Support Line personnel.  Productivity suffered as technicians experienced longer hold times for support.  Repair times and first time fix rates were negatively impacted having negative consequences on Customer Experience.


Electrolux turned to Mize to enhance their service experience with a native, mobile application that empowered internal and external Electrolux service providers. The solution involved a responsive web application with native iOS and Android capabilities.   The Mize solution provides Electrolux with the ability to manage and self-publish service related content. Extensive online and offline Google-like search capabilities provide technicians with access to a vast array of content in the form of PDFs, manuals, service tips, news flashes, bulletins, etc. accessible in the browser platform and mobile devices.  Technicians can also use barcode and QR scanning features within the Mize platform to retrieve knowledge content on their mobile devices.  With Mize’s On Video chat feature, Electrolux technicians can video chat with the internal support team who assist and guide technicians on repairs.


Mize’s Knowledge Management Smart Blox and Customer Connected Experience Platform provides Electrolux’s 3,000+ service providers with real-time mobile access to knowledge documents and videos.   To date, over 2,000+ documents have been published by Electrolux, reducing the number of interface points for service providers and dealers to access information.  This enhanced capability has reduced both the number of calls to the Technical Support Line and the length of hold times that Technicians experience.  Not only that, but because technicians have improved access to Knowledge Bases, Electrolux can reduce their support costs. As a result, technicians are more productive as measured by shorter repair times and higher first time fix rates¾all of which have a dramatic improvement on Customer Experience.