Improve Product uptime and Customer Satisfaction with Inspections

Many asset-intensive industries have used Pre-Delivery and regular Service Inspections to ensure product uptime and customer satisfaction.


Inspections deliver many benefits to you and your customers by helping to:

  • Keep the product running at optimal levels by making you aware of any maintenance or repair needs
  • Provide peace of mind to the customer while generating additional service and parts sales
  • Reduce the cost of repairs by enabling you to detect and fix products before break-down
  • Improve the quality of products by analyzing inspection results to address root causes
  • Enhance the likelihood of service plan purchase by including the regular inspections to provide proactive service

Despite the many benefits of Inspections, most companies and the dealer networks fail to perform the inspections because of the demands on time of the skilled technicians and the customer perception of the value these inspections.

You can improve the productivity and value of the inspections by:

  • Making the inspections faster and more efficient
  • Capturing and Presenting the inspection results electronically
  • Linking inspection to service quote to address deficiencies found during inspection

Utilizing mobile devices to perform the inspections rather than paper forms will help to improve the customer’s understanding of the wear and tear of the product components with pictures and video taken from the mobile device.

m-ize Inspection software enables you to:

  • Perform inspections and captures inspection results on any mobile device
  • Generate and Present inspection reports and a service quotes
  • Create your own templates for Pre-Delivery or Service inspections

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