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Key role of Service BOM.

Key role of Service BOM in connecting Service Content and Transactions

Manufacturers benefit from the consistency in content, failure analysis, and data sharing by using Service Bill of Material (BOM) to connect various types of service content, events and transactions.

Service BOM represents the structure of the product for the service operations. Service BOM is generally a subset of what engineering and manufacturing use to design and build the product. Typical BOM structure may have hierarchy of System>Assembly>Component>Parts List.


Use of Service BOM

All service transactions including Parts, Support, Service and Warranty can use BOM structure or component code. BOM acts as a link between these different entities. Some of the areas where service departments can use BOM include:

  • Parts Catalog: Provides the Table of Contents (TOC) to drill down within a selected product
  • Product Configuration: Used to identify specific components, serial numbers, and related information used within a specific serialized or uniquely identified product
  • Parts: Associate parts list to a BOM to identify the parts that make up that component
  • Failure Description: The failure descriptors such as complaint, cause, corrective action can be associated with BOM to identify what codes are allowed based on area of the product
  • Labor Operation: identify the standard labor operations that can be used for that area of the product
  • Knowledge: Identify relevant topics by using BOM as key meta data attribute to any Knowledge object
  • Coverage: One or multiple BOM items or component codes can be associated to a coverage to identify what areas of the product are included or excluded from coverage

Value of using Service BOM

If Service BOM is used consistently, companies can realize value in many different areas:

  • Service Content: Service Manuals, Parts Catalogs, Service Bulletins and other service content can have consistent outline aligned with BOM. This content can then easily be searched and cross referenced by parts and service departments
  • Service Quote: Service Quote for a task can be estimated more accurately if product area, failure or diagnostic codes, parts and labor operations are all associated with a BOM
  • Validation of Warranty Claims: BOM helps to validate warranty Coverage, parts allowed, and labor allowed on a claim
  • Quality Analysis: BOM can be used to break down warranty cost for the product into contributions by specific component
  • Supplier Recovery: Using standard BOM and associate failure codes helps in sharing warranty data with suppliers for purposes of supplier recovery and failure analysis
  • Product communications: The communication between Engineering, Manufacturing and service can be improved by using consistent BOM structure across all product lines, region, and manufacturing locations

Customer Service and Support Systems

To realize this value, all Customer Service and Support systems have to adapt and implement the Service BOM. m-ize Smart Blox for Service management enable manufacturers to setup, maintain, use, and track service BOM in Warranty, Parts, Service, and Support systems.

Consistent use of Service BOM can help break down the silos of data and provide the connections needed to deliver a unified service experience to the customers.

Please contact us today to learn how durable goods manufacturers can use Service BOM to enable Connected Customer Experience.

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