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Knowledge: Simplify access to all Knowledge resources

Despite heavy investments by companies, customers are frustrated with wait times and the experience provided by the call centers. Knowledge is scattered across several sources, and users have a hard time finding the exact information they require. Customers and Channel Partners need immediate and accurate answers to their questions and technical issues.

Mize Knowledge allows manufacturers to publish and deliver various types of service content on web and mobile using any device of their choice. The service content that can be made available includes:

  • Workshop or Service manuals
  • Parts catalogs
  • Operator manuals
  • Service Bulletins
  • Assembly instructions
  • Fault codes
  • Enhanced schematics
  • Technical Solutions

Mize Knowledge enables you to:

  • Deliver all service content including service manuals, service bulletins, knowledge articles, parts catalogs, and training videos on any mobile device
  • Allow Google-like search against fully indexed content from all sources for faster and more accurate results
  • Filter relevant answers based on product, failed component, symptom, or failure description
  • Author and publish content in real-time to deliver most up-to-date and accurate information
  • Capture technician feedback to continuously improve the content and search results
  • Bridge the Knowledge Gap for more effective Customer Service

Immediate and Tangible Return on Investment

Companies realize immediate and tangible Return on Investment (ROI) from Knowledge Management initiatives in Field Service. ROI can be realized from:

  • Increased technician productivity and utilization
  • Reduced calls to technical support center
  • Fewer secondary service visits
  • Reduced cost of Warranty and Service Contracts
  • Reduced maintenance and IT costs for multiple custom applications

Easier and faster access to comprehensive product knowledge

All the technical content is indexed and can be accessed with a simple free form search. Data can be further filtered based on brand, product category, model and other criteria.


Product Information

Knowledge resources can be accessed for any model

Product 360

Knowledge and product history can be accessed for any serialized product

Parts Catalogs

Interactive 2D and 3D parts catalogs to identify right parts for the repair

Interactive Schematics

Interactive schematics for electrical and hydraulic circuits

Scan barcode or QR code

Scan barcode or QR code to access information related to the product

Customer Self-Service

Brands can foster self-service by providing access to resources that customers need, without requiring assistance from an agent in a call center.

Using My Customer Portal, brands can deliver rich content, documentation, and tools, making it easy of for customers to find relevant and helpful information. By making installation, training and support resources available online, customers can get help and service products on their own.

Knowledge can be used by customers for

  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Usage instructions

Mize presents suggested topics when customer is submitting the support request to provide relevant solutions.

Improve Productivity and Utilization of Service Technicians

As products become more complex, having the relevant knowledge available at the point of service is critical for the technician to diagnose and repair the products accurately. Improve the percentage of the work orders that are completed during the first visit by enabling the technician to access operator manuals, service manuals, interactive schematicsillustrated parts catalogs, and work instructions that provide guidance toward diagnosis and service task completion.

By making the service knowledge easily accessible and available to Field Service Technicians, companies can realize many immediate benefits:

  • Increase first-time fix rates,
  • Improve Technician Productivity,
  • Onboard new Technicians faster,
  • Reduce Publishing and Training costs,
  • Reduce calls to Technical Assistance Centers,
  • Improve SLA Compliance,
  • Improve Product uptime,
  • Increase Customer Retention

Improve Contact Center Effectiveness

Contact Centers are inundated with calls that could have been easily solved by simple access to relevant knowledge topics. Even when customers reach the contact centers, they are frustrated by the lack of knowledge of the support agents to answer their questions.

Mize Support provides a Smart Panel with contextually relevant Knowledge for customers, field service techs and contact center agents. The most relevant topics are suggested by the powerful knowledge search engine using the product, Service BOM and issue description filters to help find resolutions faster.

Enabling simple access to an aggregate of service knowledge hidden inside the various silos will satisfy many of the support requirements of the customers seeking information and the customer service organization that serves those customers.

With Mize Knowledge management capabilities, contact centers can:

  • Enhance customer experience,
  • Improve Contact Center Effectiveness
  • Reduce the cost of customer service

Using Mize Knowledge web services API, relevant knowledge topics can be presented to customers and Contact Center agents on any Support or Case management system.

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Easy and automated Publishing

Any existing content in HTML, XML, PDF or other formats can be uploaded or published in Knowledge Manager easily. The publishing process can be automated from existing publishing and document management systems reducing the efforts and costs involved in making the latest content available to the users.

Cost Effective and Faster to Deploy

Mize provides simple cloud-based subscription model (SaaS) for publishing and accessing all knowledge resources including Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, Parts Catalogs, Schematics, and other Knowledge assets in real-time.

You can get going with your Knowledge solution with the responsive web and native mobile access within days with low upfront costs and a cost-effective monthly subscription fee.

Multi-language Support

Mize Knowledge solution supports the content delivery in multiple languages. Some of the major languages supported include English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Unlock the value of your Knowledge assets with Mize Knowledge

Mize Knowledge unlocks the potential of knowledge assets by simplifying access to all knowledge for all stakeholders.

Mize provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-use Knowledge Management solution that can be deployed in the cloud within days and accessible on any browser or any iOS or Android mobile device online or offline in any language globally.

The way the service technicians find the information they need to perform a service job remains archaic, hard, and time-consuming. The lack of knowledge at the point of service results in extended downtime for customers, secondary service visits, and lost productivity.

How can you deliver a Google-like experience to access your service knowledge? Here are ten capabilities that enable you to share, use and manage the knowledge more effectively in field service organizations.

  1. Simplify search to access all service knowledge and information
  2. Index full content to deliver faster results
  3. Rank the results by relevancy to improve search results
  4. Mobilize Knowledge access
  5. Centralize knowledgebase in Cloud
  6. Globalize Knowledge
  7. Streamline knowledge authoring
  8. Integrate Knowledge into all Support and Service Processes
  9. Enrich Knowledge content
  10. Track and Analyze the usage and feedback

Optimize Knowledge access for Field Service Technicians

It is hard to imagine how life would be without Google Search? “Google it” has come to symbolize the simple and fast way to find anything we want from any source around the world in just a few seconds. But the way the service technicians find the information they need to perform a service job remains archaic, hard, and time-consuming. Technicians spend up to 6 hours in a week researching the information they need to do their jobs. The lack of knowledge at the point of service results in extended downtime for customers, secondary service visits, and lost productivity.

  1. Simplify search to access all service knowledge and information

Most of the knowledge in companies is scattered across disparate systems and organized into folders that force the users to waste valuable time hunting for the right solution. Enabling simple search box to find relevant results across all the content will improve the ease, convenience, and usage of existing service knowledge.

  1. Index full content to deliver faster results

It is critical that Knowledge system indexes the full content of various documents to search using free-form and natural text. Leveraging a powerful search engine makes it easy to search all the content rather than just keywords or titles of documents. Technicians will find the results lot faster using the problem descriptions, service terminology, and error codes they use.

  1. Rank the results by relevancy to improve search results

Ability to sort results not only based on a better match to search terms, but also including previous access, feedback, and other factors make the results more relevant. Search results can be further improved by using contextual knowledge of the product and the service job.

  1. Mobilize Knowledge access

Technicians are more likely to access the information in the field using their mobile phones, and all knowledge should be accessible and presented to deliver an optimal experience on these devices. The required documents also should be accessible offline at the customer sites as service technicians are sometimes required to work in environments where there may not have data connectivity via WiFi or Mobile data.

  1. Centralize knowledgebase in Cloud

Even if different teams create the content, having a centralized repository to publish the content makes it more effective to manage, maintain, and share the content. Data Silos, fragmented content, and disparate applications cost more and degrade the user experience. With cost-effective and secure cloud storage, field service organizations can keep the information consistent, up-to-date, and available in real time around the clock.

  1. Globalize Knowledge

As companies become more global, the customers are expecting consistent service experience across all regions and countries in their language of choice. Knowledge system needs to support multi-language content and searches with integrated translation workflows.

  1. Streamline knowledge authoring

Having manuals with hundreds of pages in PDF format makes it difficult to access the content while at a customer site. Authoring knowledge articles on focused topics with smaller page size makes it easier and faster to find the solutions.

Using the community sites and the content from support cases, service work orders, and warranty claims can help identify the relevant topics to focus on. You can invite and incentivize the experienced technicians to participate in knowledge sharing to uncover the implicit knowledge and make it available for all.

Having the knowledge engineers to author these articles quickly to build the knowledge base will make the users coming back to you to find answers rather than go to unreliable third-party sources.

  1. Integrate Knowledge into all Support and Service Processes

In addition to being a standalone application, knowledge should be easily accessible from any of the customer support and service applications. Having a simple Knowledge API and search panels that can be embedded or integrated will eliminate redundant data entry and provide the ability to deliver solutions to all users proactively.

  1. Enrich Knowledge content

You can enrich the knowledge with more Videos, interactive schematics, and 3D parts catalogs to help technicians to resolve problems lot faster. The right knowledge architecture can future- proof the solution by supporting the ability to use Augmented Reality(AR), Video chats, and Bots to leverage the emerging channels to deliver the knowledge.

  1. Track and Analyze the usage and feedback

By using a centralized knowledge management system will enable you to track and analyze the search terms being used, the access frequency of knowledge topics, and user feedback to continuously improve the content and search results.

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