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Maintenance Management Software.


Product uptime is critical in many asset-intensive industries.  Poor maintenance results in unplanned breakdowns, less than optimal performance, and costly repairs. Optimizing maintenance means minimizing the cost of maintenance while maximizing the product uptime. Right Maintenance strategies, processes, and systems can prevent costly failures and minimize downtime.

Mize Maintenance Software Solution enables companies in asset-intensive industries to:

  • Grow maintenance contract revenues
  • Streamline all maintenance activities and processes
  • Gain actionable insights to drive product and service quality
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for products
  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience

Grow maintenance program revenues

Maintenance contracts generate predictable revenue streams for manufacturers and service providers. Companies can grow maintenance revenues by increasing attach rates and renewal rates of maintenance contracts.

Mize connects Customers, Channel partners (Distributors, Dealers, Retailers, Service Network), Manufacturers, and Suppliers to grow sales of maintenance contracts on all channels.

You can enable sales teams to:

  • Offer configurable maintenance programs
  • Optimize pricing and generate sales quotes
  • Manage the maintenance contract opportunities

Streamline all maintenance activities and processes

Mize maintenance management software helps maintenance teams to

  • Track the install base of all products
  • Schedule and perform maintenance tasks
  • Improve asset utilization and performance

Mize field service app mobilizes all maintenance activities allowing service technicians to manage work orders, perform inspections, and capture the maintenance data offline or online.


Improve technician productivity and utilization by using the Mize app to:

  • Schedule maintenance activities
  • Perform inspections
  • Complete work orders
  • Track Parts inventory
  • Order Parts
  • Report time
  • Track all service interactions



Gain actionable insights to drive product and service quality

Mize delivers actionable insights to all stakeholders to make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of products and services.

Maintenance data analytics and insights help you to improve Preventive Maintenance completion rates.

Role-based reports and dashboards enable you to track maintenance tasks, product conditions, contract renewals, and technician utilization.

Mize CX insights enable manufacturers to:

  • Improve asset utilization
  • Maximize product uptime
  • Improve technician productivity
  • Improve product quality

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for products

Mize enables manufacturers to implement various maintenance strategies such as time-based preventive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and predictive maintenance using remote monitoring to improve product uptime. Companies can lower the cost of ownership by reducing costly repairs, increasing the product lifecycle, and improving product performance.

Product 360 views provide easy access to complete product service history, warranty and contract entitlements, maintenance events, and product usage & conditions.

Some industries need to maintain the equipment to ensure safety, compliance with regulation, and continuous operation. Mize maintenance software enables you to meet these demanding requirements by

  • Tracking product service history
  • Managing the maintenance schedules and events
  • Managing the workflows, escalations, and notifications

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Maintenance management requires integration and coordination with other service activities.  Mize solution, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox, enables you to integrate maintenance with all service interactions through the product life cycle.

Mize Platform enables you to:

  • Generate inspection forms for checklists as part of maintenance tasks
  • Generate Service quotes for any issues detected during the maintenance
  • Perform Repair Work orders, and complete product recalls
  • Grow sales of extended warranty and service contracts
  • Grow Sales of Service Parts and Accessories

Cost Effective Cloud-based solution

You need to go beyond spreadsheets or simple maintenance applications to optimize maintenance. Mize leverages cloud, mobile, IoT, and analytics technologies to plan, schedule, track, and analyze your maintenance activities.

Mize solution, powered by CX Cloud, is cost-effective to set up, configure, and manage all your maintenance activities and processes.  Mize maintenance application integrates seamlessly with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and EAM.

Mize Maintenance Management Software is available for a simple monthly subscription fee based on your install base and maintenance contracts.

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