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Managing Warranty Policies and Entitlements.


Managing Warranty Policies and Entitlements

Policy Management within m-ize Warranty software (m-Warranty) enables manufacturers to manage warranty policies, coverages, entitlements, and reimbursement terms. Policy management enhances and streamlines product registration, claims processing, supplier recovery, parts return, and service plans.

Using m-ize Policy Management capabilities, warranty managers can:

  • Automate the assignment and validation of policy terms and conditions
  • Track and manage entitlements for standard warranty, extended warranty, and service campaigns
  • Improve warranty compliance and reduce costs by automated validations
  • Streamline warranty processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and quality
  • Increase supplier recovery through automated supplier claim generation

Warranty Policy and Entitlements

Key Features:

  • Setup policy terms and conditions for different kinds of warranty coverages offered
  • Manage coverage inclusions and exclusions
  • Setup and manage supplier terms & conditions
  • Manage policy variations across product lines, categories, and regions
  • Manage service campaign or recall authorizations
  • Setup and track budgets, pricing ,and payment sharing
  • Manage payment or reimbursement terms in claims
  • View all product entitlements together for any product

Please contact m-ize for a software demo to learn how you can manage all your warranty policies, coverages, and entitlements.

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