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Mize CX iSeries Connector.


Many Companies have been running critical business applications on IBM iSeries or AS/400.  Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform, and Smart Blox are integrated to access applications, data, and resources on IBM i Servers to provide a seamless experience to customers, channel partners, and suppliers.

Mize CX Connect supports four models of integration and customers can use any of these options based on business and workflow needs.

  • Web Services: As Web services become the common enterprise integration model, any of the resources or applications on IBM i Server can be packaged as web services accessible using REST or SOAP. Mize supports the integration with the web services natively and can exchange data in real-time.
  • RPG Program calls: Any of the RPG programs or 3rd party applications running on iSeries servers can be directly invoked allowing Customers to utilize the existing programs without any additional development. Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) provide a quick and cost-effective way for Mize applications to execute existing applications with built-in business logic.
  • Data Queues: When data needs to be exchanged on an ongoing basis, data queues are setup to exchange messages with an iSeries system. Data Queues allow synchronization of data by using data streaming API and listeners in Mize CX Connect.
  • DB2 – JDBC: Using JDBC driver, the DB2 databases on iSeries is accessed by executing SQL queries or stored procedures. The JDBC connector provides faster and full access to data to perform searches, queries, and updates to the data.

Mize CX iSeries Connector enables companies to leverage existing infrastructure and applications on IBM i Servers and extends them to Mize web applications such as Customer Central, Customer Portal, and Supplier Portal and mobile applications such as Channel Connect.

Cost Effective

Companies can reduce the time and cost involved in integration using Mize iSeries connector powered by CX Connect. The Mize iSeries Connector is available for a monthly subscription reducing the cost of development and support.

Mize CX Connect makes it easier to map the data fields and transform as needed to exchange data without changing applications on either side. Changes in the either application interfaces can be updated within CX Connect mapper tool without requiring costly and time consuming customization or code changes.

No Middleware required

Mize uses IBM JTOpen to connect to and IBM iSeries resources. There is no need for any other middleware as long as TC1 Licensed Program (TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for IBM i) and the Host Server option of IBM i are installed and configured on the system.

Standard Support

Mize applications integrated with IBM iSeries are a good combination providing cost-effective, reliable and integrated applications. The CX iSeries connector and the interface maps for enterprise systems are supported and upgraded by Mize along with the applications to ensure integrations continue to work with the new the platform and software releases.

Mize is an IBM Partner and committed to integrating with and supporting IBM iSeries, Z Series, DB2, Cognos, and WebSphere platforms being used by enterprises.

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