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Mize On Video.

Enhance Customer Support and Service Experience with Live Video

Customers and Service technicians find it difficult to explain complex problems to contact center agents leading to longer resolution times, higher costs, and customer dissatisfaction. It will be a lot easier for support agents to use real-time video to diagnose and resolve the issue lot faster, better, and more cost-effectively.

Enable Remote Assistance using Live Video

Mize On Video enables remote assistance using live video streaming from any mobile device.

Customers and service technicians can use On Video to live stream and share the problem they are having

Customer support agents can join On Video to visually see the problem and provide the solutions

Other technical experts in the company to join On Video to assist with diagnosis and resolution

Agents can record the On Video session to improve training and knowledge

Enhance Customer Experience and Lower Support Costs

Mize On Video delivers immediate benefits to all stakeholders:

  • Diagnose and resolve the issues faster
  • Improve first call resolution rates
  • Reduce repeat calls and costly field service visits
  • Dispatch right technicians, parts, and knowledge for field service visits
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Integrated with Support and Contact center software

Mize On Video is fully integrated with Mize Support and Field Service Management solutions. On Video is accessible from any of the CRM or contact center management software to give agents the ability to diagnose the customer issues remotely.

On Video is part of Activity Feed along with comments, pictures, calls, text, and email, so all communication related to a support case is in one place.

Deploy Mize On Video quickly and cost-effectively

On Video is compatible with all major browsers that support standard WebRTC protocols and does not require any plug-ins or software downloads. On Video is available from a native app on any mobile device using iOS and Android.  There is no need for any special hardware, but use only the mobile or computer device with a camera to start sharing live video.

Support Agents can invite others to join using Text or email, and they can join instantly by simply clicking on the link without any downloads.

Mize On Video is available on the cloud for a simple and cost-effective subscription fee without any upfront investment in licenses, hardware, or costly implementation services.

Request for a Demo today to learn how Mize On Video enables more effective remote assistance to customers and service technicians.

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