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Mize Order Tracking Software.


Enhance Customer Experience and Improve efficiencies with real-time Order tracking

Customers consider the ability to track the status of their orders as very important part of the customer experience. Businesses can avoid calls related to order status and provide visibility to customers on any of the channels of their preference including web, mobile, email, or text message.

Mize Order Tracking software, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform, integrates with order fulfillment systems, third-party logistics providers (3PL), and shipping carriers to track orders from initiation to final delivery. Customers, Dealers, Service Centers, Service Technicians, and all stakeholders in the value chain can access order status easily and on any channel or device of their choice.

Online Order Tracking

You can improve sales and service experience by providing visibility to order status and estimated delivery times to direct customers or your channel partners.  Mize Order Tracking software saves costs and improves customer experience by simplifying the access to order status online from any web browser.

Dealers can gain visibility to any back orders, shipping status, and expected delivery times. Simple configurable dashboards on all orders and ability to drill-down to detailed order status helps dealers to Plan sales and repair activities, and keep delivery commitments with customers.

Mobile Order Tracking

Mize order tracking app for iOS and Android devices allows users to view the status of orders from any mobile device.

Using the mobile order tracking:

  • Customers can gain insight into their orders from anywhere at any time
  • Field Service Technicians can see the status of service parts orders to complete a repair

Dealers can see the status of product and parts ordering to deliver sales and service

Order Status Notifications

Mize Order tracking provides notifications via email, Push notifications, or Text message to update the customers on order status changes proactively.

Seamless Integration

Order Tracking provides visibility to orders across multiple processes, systems, and organizations. Mize CX Connect enables seamless integration with Ordering applications, Order fulfillment systems, inventory management systems, and Shipping Carriers. CX Connect includes standard connectors for major enterprise systems and Shipping Carriers to reduce the cost of integrations.

Mize Order tracking also provides Web services based API to allow other applications to access order status. Dealer Management Systems (DMS), Service Management Systems, or Field Service Application can integrate with order tracking to provide automated tracking and visibility in downstream systems.

Realize immediate and tangible ROI

Manufacturers and distributors will realize immediate and tangible ROI by leveraging Cloud and mobile enable order tracking system from Mize. The application is available for simple and cost-effective subscription model based on a number of users or volume of orders.

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