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Mize Shipping Management Software.

Streamline Shipping to improve efficiencies and save costs

Customer expectations are raising for faster delivery and real-time visibility of order shipment status. Shipping management is an important part of Order fulfillment, but legacy shipping systems are costly to maintain and do not support the evolving eCommerce needs.  You need a shipping system that enables you to optimize shipping costs and maximize customer satisfaction.

Mize Shipping management software streamlines shipping processes to reduce freight costs, eliminate errors, and improve efficiencies in order fulfillment.

Seamless Integration with Fulfillment and Logistics

Integrate with Order fulfillment systems

Shipping system integrates with ordering and order fulfillment systems to get the order details to reduce manual data entry during the shipping process.

Integrate with Reverse Logistics

Mize Shipping also integrates with reverse logistics to streamline Returns. You can track shipments resulting from the Return Material Authorization (RMA), Warranty ClaimsDepot Repair, and Support Requests.

Integrate with Shipping carriers

Mize Shipping software integrates with standard carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and other LTL carriers to print shipping labels and automate the generation of shipping documentation. Shipping integration helps you to meet the customer need for shipping method while reducing the freight costs.

Streamline and Automate shipping processes

Mize Shipping management software automates carrier selection, freight rate calculations, label printing, document generation, shipment manifests, and reporting.

Mobilize shipping tasks

Teams in the warehouse can use mobile devices to scan the products and documents using bar codes or QR codes to speed up the picking, packing, and shipping processes. Your team at the distribution centers and warehouses will be a lot more productive while reducing errors.

Automate documentation

Automatically generate required shipping documents to reduce manual data entry. Mize shipping software can generate:

  • Shipment tracking manifests, and reports
  • Bill of Lading
  • Customs documents for international shipping

Shipping system integrates with digital weighing scales to fill in the weight on shipping forms to calculate freight rates.

Track Orders and Shipments

Shipment details and tracking numbers are saved and passed to other relevant systems to allow order tracking by all stakeholders including customers, channel partners, and order management teams.

Read more about Mize Order Tracking to enhance Customer Experience and improve efficiencies with real-time Order tracking.

Consolidated Global System

You can replace multiple legacy and desktop shipping systems with a single consolidated cloud based global system to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining multiple local systems.

Integrate with enterprise and third-party software

Mize Software integrates with standard ERP, CRM, and cloud based applications using CX Connect. Standard connectors to the general enterprise systems to reduce the cost of integration.

Actionable insights to drive performance

Mize software generates dashboards, reports, and metrics from the shipping data to drive performance improvements.

Immediate and Tangible ROI

Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform connects OEMs, channel partners (distributors, dealers, retailers), customers, and suppliers to enhance all service interactions.  Mize Shipping management service, powered by the same platform, enhances customer experience with ordering and returns.

Mize shipping software is deployed in the cloud and available for a simple and cost-effective monthly subscription fee (SaaS) based on number of users or volume of shipments. Whether you are shipping hundreds or thousands of parcels a day, you will see immediate and tangible cost savings from Mize shipping management software.

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