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Mize Value Proposition: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value.


Mize Connected Customer Experience enables durable goods companies to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value by helping them to:

  • Retain more of the customers,
  • Increase sales to the loyal customer base, and
  • Grow profits through higher margin service and repeat sales

The lifetime value of customers includes everything they will ever buy from the company now, and during all the years they own the products. Customer Lifetime Value as compared to Customer Acquisition Costs (CLV/CAC) provides a better indicator of a company’s profitability.

The value of Customer Retention

Many industry studies and surveys clearly prove the value of focusing on customer retention:

Companies also reduce the cost of customer acquisition through the references, reviews, and advocacy of the satisfied customers.

How does Mize Create Value for Customers?

Mize formula for creating value for companies is:

Optimize CX = Maximize Value / Minimize Hassle

Mize enables durables goods manufacturers to enhance ownership experience by delivering better value to customers at important service touch points throughout the customer journey.

A recent McKinsey customer experience survey of 27,000 US consumers across 44 industries found that companies that focus on providing a superior and low-effort experiences across their customer journeys – such as customer onboarding, account changes, and problem resolution – realized positive business  results, including a 10-15 percent increase in revenue growth and a 20 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

The less effort it takes for consumers to accomplish their goal when they contact you, the more loyal they become.

Mize elevates Experience during Customer Journeys

Mize makes it easier to do business with the Brands by:

Simplifying service interactions through a Customer Portal

Enabling better service delivery through Channel Connect, a service portal and a mobile app for channel partners

Connecting customer support & service across existing silos with Customer Central

Mize enhances customer Onboarding, Warranty, Support, and Service experiences. Link Onboarding to Registration and others to corresponding Smart Blox.

On-boarding Journey

Increase Product Registrations to connect and engage customers during the entire customer lifecycle. Increase Sales of Parts & Accessories, Services, and Related Products.

Warranty Journey

Reduce Warranty Costs, Improve Product Quality and Increase Sales of Service Plans.

Support Journey

Improve customer self-service and effectiveness of support delivery. Mize Support and Knowledge solutions enable companies to:

  • Reduce the number of calls to the Contact Center
  • Improve response time and reduce wait times as contact center personnel focus on fewer requests and resolve issues better with information captured from the customers

Service Journey

Enable more productive and effective Service delivery to improve service sales and margins. Service Technicians can improve first-time fix rates and productivity freeing them up to complete more service requests.

IT Value: Minimize the Cost of Customer Support & Service Systems

Companies today rely on many different custom developed applications or point solutions that do not integrate well and are inflexible. Mize platform and Smart Blox makes it easier to create unified service experience. By implementing an integrated solution for entire customer lifecycle, companies can reduce the cost of maintaining desperate systems. Mize improves efficiency and reduces integration costs by addressing the needs of customer, service delivery channels and Customer Support & Service organizations.

Mize enables companies to move the support & service systems to cloud, mobilize the applications through responsive web and native mobile apps, and provide better analytics and insights from the data to measure and improve customer experience.

Source of investment for improving Customer Experience

The money to invest in Customer Experience can come from reducing the waste in ineffective marketing and poor customer service. Research indicates that companies are wasting over $150 Billion a year on ineffective marketing that is being avoided by today’s empowered consumers and $62 billion a year on poor customer service that results in customer churn. Allocation of small % of that spend to improve the customer experience will result in better customer retention and higher margin sales growth.

The margins in sales of service parts, service plans, accessories, and services is closer to 30-40% as compared to less than 10% of new product sales. Companies can realize higher profits and better ROI from investments in improving customer experience and retention.

Optimize Customer Experience

Mize helps companies deliver better experiences and realize better economic value by moving beyond the commodities, goods, and services. Mize Connected Customer Experience platform helps brands to orchestrate seamless customer experiences. Smart Blox, the building blocks of Customer Experience, can be easily provisioned and bolted on reducing the risk and providing a clear roadmap to unify the entire life-cycle over time as companies realize the benefits and ROI.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

The Customer Experience remains as the only sustainable differentiator as global competition, and faster product cycles are making it difficult to differentiate products based on features and pricing.  The ability to deliver and realize value throughout the customer lifecycle will help companies to retain more customers and grow profitable sales.

The companies can maximize lifetime value as higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) results from

  • Increase in Customer Retention,
  • Incremental Sales to Loyal Customer Base, and
  • Higher profit margins.

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