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Mize WEX Connector for Virtual Claim Payments.

is a global leader in secure and efficient payment solutions. Mize provides integrated Warranty Management and Service Contracts Management solutions to manufacturers, distributors, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Mize and WEX have partnered together to offer Mize WEX Connector to simplify and streamline warranty claim payments by seamlessly integrating the claim process with WEX Virtual Payment Solutions.

Mize Warranty Software (mWarranty) streamlines claims submittal, review, and processing. By Integrating with WEX Payment solutions, mWarranty now offers virtual claim payment as a standard option for cost-effective and faster implementation.

The Integrated Claims payment solution enables you to:

  • Eliminate checks using WEX virtual payments with added benefits
  • Simplify claims payment to service providers by integrating directly with Claim approval process
  • Improve productivity and accuracy by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Auto-reconcile claim payments by Integrating with financial or accounting systems
  • Offer more secure and faster way to pay preferred and out-of-network service providers

Request a Demo now to learn how you can simplify and streamline your warranty claim payments.

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