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Mobile Inventory Tracker.

An easy and simple way to track the service parts trunk stock

Improve First Time Fix with the Right parts

Not having the right parts to complete a service order can be detrimental to your service business and result in repeat technician visits, customer dissatisfaction, and higher costs from emergency orders. Holding more trunk stock is no solution either.  Excess inventory  will increase inventory carrying costs and will negatively impact the service profitability. Ensuring that each technician has the right parts on hand to complete the service orders requires real-time tracking of parts inventory in every truck and parts depot.

Mize Mobile Inventory Tracker app enables service technicians to manage the truck stock:

  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Reduce the cost of parts inventory
  • Optimize parts inventory management

Simple and Easy way to mobilize parts inventory

With Mize mobile inventory tracker application field service can manage their truck stock inventory on any mobile device.

Field Service Technicians can eliminate time-consuming tasks by simply scanning barcode or QR code to check-in or check-out parts from the truck.

They can also track parts usage in real-time by integrating with all service transactions including repair orders, parts orders, returns, and warranty claims.

Real-time visibility to parts availability and location

Mize mobile inventory tracker application integrates with manufacturers, parts distributors, and channel partners back office systems to locate and order parts.

Parts availability can be verified, and the right parts are allocated when dispatching and scheduling service orders for technicians.

Parts locator helps find the needed parts held by nearby service technicans and facilitates rapid parts deliveryto the job site where the part is needed.

Optimize Parts Inventory

Mize Inventory software provides real-time visibility to inventory across all parts warehouses, forward inventory locations, service centers, and technician trucks.

All stock transactions are recorded to provide insights into parts usage. Companies can improve their parts planning to reduce carrying costs, eliminate obsolete inventory, and optimize parts purchasing.

Seamless integration with Parts ordering

Mize mobile inventory tracker application can identify right parts from parts catalog and generate parts orders OEMs, distributors, and suppliers.

Mize order tracking provides real-time visibility to parts shipment and enables technician scheduling based on when the parts can be delivered.

Auto-replenish the inventory by automating parts orders based on the stock levels for various parts based on criticality, velocity, and demand characteristics of parts.

Cost-effective and simple to deploy

Mize mobile inventory tracker application is available as a native app on any iOS, or Android device. The app can be used online connected to cloud-based services or offline when performing service jobs at remote locations.

The Mize app can be provided to technicians with a simple and cost-effective monthly subscription to realize immediate and tangible ROI. Reduce upfront costs in hardware, software, and implementation services by using the ready-to-deploy application available in cloud.

Mize app is powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and integrated with solutions for Field Service Management, and Service Parts Management to provide a complete solution for global manufacturers, distributors, and service organizations.

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