Mobilize Service Knowledge to improve Technician productivity and first-time fix rates

As Products are getting more complex and product cycles are getting shorter, the service technicians cannot be expected to know all aspects of servicing your products. It is not practical to expect these technicians have the required training ahead of time.

One way to ensure technicians have the right knowledge at the point of service is to mobilize all knowledge resources to enable the technician to easily and quickly find the solutions at any time, anywhere and on any device.

You can take these three steps to deliver on-demand knowledge to your technicians:

Mobilize and simplify access to all knowledge resources

Most companies have the knowledge scattered across different sources, formats, and applications. Technicians cannot waste valuable time looking for solution information silos. Enable Technicians with a mobile app that provides access to all knowledge with a simple Google-like search to find the relevant solutions faster.

The contextual information can be filtered by scanning a barcode or QR code for a product model or serial #. The mobile app also should provide offline access to select knowledge topics when Technician is expected at a field location without WiFi or mobile data connectivity.

Mobilize access to Technical support

When Technician is not able to find the solution form the knowledge resources, Technician should be able to easily initiate a support request with the information and any pictures or video recording of the problem.

The technical experts at the company now have better information to help diagnose and resolve the problem rapidly. Contact center agents having access to same knowledge resources will help improve the productivity and find a more accurate solution.

The support request can further be augmented with a video chat when necessary to walk through the problem and resolution quickly.

Mobilize Parts Catalogs, Orders, and Service history

In addition to service knowledge, Technicians need mobile Parts catalogs to identify right parts required for the repair, easily navigate through electronic or hydraulic schematics, and find product service history.

Mobilizing access to all the resources enables the technicians to complete the service tasks accurately improving productivity, utilization, and first-time fix rates.

Mize provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-use Knowledge Management solution that can be deployed in the cloud and accessible on any browser or any iOS or Android mobile device online or offline in any language globally.

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