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Monetize Service Content.


Manufacturers spend a significant amount of resources in authoring the service manuals, diagnostic procedures, schematics, and other content to help the Technicians diagnose, repair, and maintain their products.

Service Content you create is a valuable asset, and you can monetize it to recover the cost of authoring, publishing, and delivery to your channel partners such as authorized Dealers, Service Centers, and Independent Operators. Online and mobile access is more convenient for Technicians allowing you the ability to monetize the new digital delivery models. The improvement in Technician productivity and utilization more than pays for the cost of the content subscription.

Mize Knowledge Management provides a complete system for you to monetize and deliver your service content to your all channel partners globally.

Mize solution enables companies with:

  • Knowledge management platform in CX Cloud for a subscription fee
  • eCommerce capabilities for payment via PayPal, Credit Card, or Invoice
  • Access management for the Content, Users, and Devices

Using Mize Knowledge Management, manufacturers can:

  • Publish all the service content including manuals, diagnostics, schematics, and more from different sources
  • Offer different business models such as Subscriptions, Tiered packages, or Pay-Per-Use
  • Meet the regulatory requirements such as Europe RMI to provide access to Independent operators
  • Publish the content in different languages for global access

Channel Partners and Technicians will benefit from:

  • Accessing the content on any device from a browser, or native iOS or Android apps on mobile devices
  • Availability of up-to-date content anywhere at any time online or off-line
  • Integrating Knowledge with Field Service Management, Work Orders, and diagnostic tools

Mize Knowledge makes it more cost effective for you to manage and monetize all your service content so that you can realize higher returns.

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