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Connected Customer Experience.

Connected Customer Experience: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Companies can Maximize Customer Lifetime Value by focusing on Customer Experience to retain customers and grow revenues from the loyal customer base.

Improve ease-of-doing business to increase profitability

Frustrating experiences lead to customer churn. Mize Connected Customer Experience platform enables you to increase customer retention by transforming disconnected service interactions into amazing customer experiences. The increase in customer retention increases your profitability by five fold.


Engage Connected Customers across all channels

Companies have lost control of the customers’ experiences during the product ownership cycle after the sale. Mize Connected Customer Experience platform enables durables goods value Chain to engage the connected customers and orchestrate the service interactions across all channels.


Leverage Cloud, Mobile, IoT technologies to digitize and mobilize customer engagement


cxtouch1CX Touch
Simplify user experience on any device.Read More …
cx-cloud CX Cloud
Deliver Cloud-based Business services on cost effectively. Read More …

cx-engageCX Engage
Engage customers through personalized and relevant interactions.Read More …
cx-central CX Central
Orchestrate customer interactions.Read More …

cx-insights CX Insights
Gain actionable insights.Read More …
cx-connect CX Connect
Integrate with systems of record seamlessly.Read More …

Enable Service Organization to unify Service Interactions

A customer may interact with many different groups including Contact centers, Dealers or Service Centers, Parts, or Field Service as part of the relationship with a company. Customers expect a service organization to act like one unified entity and not as a series of unconnected departments or individuals.


Unify Registration, Inspections, Warranty, Service Plans, Support, Service, Knowledge, Parts, and IoT to deliver better customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. Unified service processes enable you to create a 360-degree view based on high quality customer and product data.

Steps to Transform Customer Experience

Get started on your journey and take next steps to transform your customer experience.



Map Customer Journeys to understand the wants, needs, and expectations from a customer-centric perspective.


Model and Redesign the customer-facing processes to succeed in meeting or exceeding customer expectations


Mobilize and assemble building blocks of customer experience to accelerate time to market and reduce the cost of development.



Gain insights from VoC to drive Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Monetize Your Customer Base

It costs less to satisfy an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Mize connected Customer Experience Platform and portfolio of Smart Blox enable you to meet or exceed your customer expectations about customer service and support to increase customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy.

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