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My Customer Portal.

My Customer Portal

Today’s empowered customers want a simple, fast, and personalized service available across different channels from anywhere, at any time, and on any device of their choice. An easy-to-use customer self-service portal and app available 24×7 will lead to happier customers, reduced costs, and incremental revenues.


Cultivate loyal and profitable customers

Most generic websites and customer service portals fail to address the unique challenges and opportunities in satisfying the needs of the durable goods customers. You require a Customer portal that enables you to manage the complex products, the independent of dealer or service networks, and the long ownership cycles.

Mize Customer Portal (My Customer Portal) provides simple, convenient, and online access to all the services needed by your customers as they own and use products for years. My Customer Portal allows you and your channel partners to stay connected with your customers, deliver better customer experience, build brand loyalty, and maximize customer lifetime value.

Customer Onboarding

My Customer Portal helps with onboarding the customers with access to all resources including setup or installation instructions, user manuals, and training videos that your customers need to start using your product.

New customers can use simple signup using their email to gain access to key customer support and service resources and tools.

Product Registration

Customers can register products with specific product information and serial number. In addition to durable products, customers can register software, activate licenses or provision connectivity.

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My Products

All registered products including the ones added by channel partners can be accessed online at any time to track warranties and initiate any support or service requests.

Buy Service Plans

Customers can buy Service Plans for additional protection and activate plans purchased using other channels. All service plan entitlements are tracked along with standard warranty to show all service options to the customer throughout the product lifecycle.

Customer Self-Service

Over 75% of today’s customers prefer to use self-service. My Customer Portal empowers your customers with a self-service option, accessible 24/7 on any channel and with the least amount of friction. Customers can easily and quickly find the answers they need freeing up your contact center agents and reducing your costs.

My Customer Portal provides simple search option to find and access all knowledge resources including user manuals, articles, FAQs, documents and videos. All content is indexed, organized and filtered to ensure your customer’s self-service journey is an excellent and effortless experience.

The effective self-service options will boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention while lowering the cost of service operations.

Initiate Support Request

When Customers need assistance, they can initiate a support request online or via a mobile device. The customer can add pictures and even a video to the support request which will help contact center agents diagnose and resolve the issue quickly and more accurately.

Customer support requests from the portal are routed to support agents at your contact center, and all communications can be tracked and viewed online.

Buy Accessories and Parts

My Customer Portal allows your customers to find and buy any related parts and accessories online increasing your revenues and profits from existing customer base.

Schedule Services

My Customer Portal allows customers to schedule inspections, maintenance, and service with the company’s authorized service network. Portal keeps track of all service events and provides timely reminders and notifications to ensure product uptime and performance.

Engage Customers

My Customer Portal leverages CX Engage, the engagement engine of the Connected Customer Experience platform, to present relevant and personalized messages and offers on different channels to generate additional revenues. My Customer Portal enables customer interactions, communications, social sharing and more to enhance customer experience and engagement.

Companies can realize higher service revenues and maintain customer relationship throughout the life of the product.

IoT and connected products and services

My Customer Portal provides a dashboard to customers based on the data collected from the connected products. Companies can share product usage data, alerts, proactive service recommendations, and more based on IoT data. Companies can also build and deliver more value-added services and applications via the Customer Portal.

Subscription Services

Subscription services are becoming more common. Customers can subscribe to regular consumables, protection plans, or value-added services providing a recurring source of revenues for companies. My Customer Portal enables you to manage subscriptions, renewals, and payment information.

Voice of Customer (VOC)

My Customer Portal captures customer feedback (VOC) about products, knowledge, support, and services at different touch points during the customer journey. Usage data captured on the Portal provides vital clues on how customers want to engage with you and what channel they use to enhance the customer self-service journey.

Strengthen Relationships with Channel Partners

My Customer Portal strengthens the customer’s relationship with the channel partners such as a local dealer, retailer or service provider. Based on customer’s location, Portal connects the customer to local channel partners and drives traffic to physical locations.

Portal can also brand the site and engagement based on your partner branding and redirect the sales and service opportunities to local channel partners for fulfillment. Mize Channel Connect enables Channel partners to receive and respond to service requests from the Customer Portal:

  • Customer support requests can be dispatched to right Field Service Technicians
  • Customers can locate a store, service center, product or parts inventory
  • Sales of Service Plans, Subscriptions, and Parts can be shared based on the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of the channel partners.

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Connected Customer Experience

Organizations struggle to get back-office functions integrated with the self-service customer portal to provide assistance when needed and fulfill customer service requests.

Mize Customer Portal powered by Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox enables you to provide customers with highly personalized, interactive service on the Web or any mobile device.

Customer Self-service Portal is connected to Customer Central and Channel Connect to allow you and your channel partners to fulfill the customer service needs.

Mize Customer Central enables your service and support organization to effectively manage Registrations, Warranty, Service Plans, Support, Parts, Knowledge, and Service.

Mize CX Connect integrates Customer Portal with ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems to deliver a seamless experience.

My Customer Portal can be configured and easily integrated into your existing websites and applications using CX Touch to deliver an optimal brand experience on the web and mobile devices.

Simple and Cost-Effective

Your Customer Portal can be turned on quickly and cost-effectively with a simple subscription fee (Saas). My Customer Portal, hosted on CX Cloud, is highly scalable and delivers fast responses whether you serve few hundred or a few million customers.

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