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sWarranty: Warranty on-demand cloud application powered by Salesforce Lightning

Mize Warranty on-demand cloud application on the Salesforce lightning platform (sWarranty) helps companies manage the warranty lifecycle and streamline warranty processes.  The sWarranty application enables companies to register products, track product warranty entitlements, process claims, track returns, and analyze warranty data.

Register Products

Register Products to track customers and warranty entitlements

Simple Claims entry and submission for Service Providers

All your dealers and service centers can use the portal, powered by Salesforce community, to enter and submit claims.

Streamlined and Automated Claims processing

Warranty Processors can review and adjudicate claims from within Salesforce.  sWarranty provides claim work queues, workflows, and reports to streamline and automate warranty.


Generate RMAs and Track Parts Returns

sWarranty generates Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) for parts to be returned and integrates with carriers such as UPS and FedEx.

Integrate seamlessly with Master Data

sWarranty integrates seamlessly with master data for Products, Parts, Dealers, Customers

Manage Warranty Policies and Service Campaigns

Leverage the robust policy and Campaign manager capabilities of Mize Warranty software to manage all your claim types, warranty policies, coverages, and recalls.


Warranty analysis and Dashboards

Benefit from Salesforce Lightning Platform

All stakeholders in the warranty chain will benefit from user-friendly, flexible, and reliable salesforce platform.

Cost Effective and faster to deploy

The application can be deployed quickly from Salesforce App Exchange and can be deployed with user-based subscription without additional investments in infrastructure or licenses.

Integrated with Sales and Service Cloud

Mize sWarranty application is fully integrated with Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud by sharing the data for accounts, contacts, cases, and assets.

Team with decades of Warranty experience

Mize team has decades of experience in delivering warranty solutions to global manufacturers, and sWarranty incorporates the industry best practices to optimize warranty management.

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