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Smart Blox.


Consumer Expectations

Mize Smart blox for smart Custiomer engagementConsumers are migrating to new technologies at a faster rate than ever before. Brands, retailers and service providers need to be able to bridge the gap to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s consumers.

Companies understand they need to develop mobile apps and solutions to engage with social and mobile consumers. Developing these apps requires an entirely new skill set; meanwhile IT departments are backlogged with a myriad of projects.

Apps have to support multiple platforms and integrate with back-end data and systems; however budgets for mobile initiatives are still limited.

Now there is a better way for brands to deliver these services: Smart Blox from Mize

Smart Blox are pre-integrated modules that accelerate time to market; greatly reducing budget requirements, while providing a unified solution.

Mize provides a portfolio of Smart Blox, enabling brands to optimize consumer’s experience at all touch-points, while increasing impact of engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Simplify and automate product registration process


Simplify and automate registration process to directly engage with customers that purchased products.Read More …
Manage product warranty and recalls


Manage product warranty and recalls to improve consumer’s experience of product quality and reliability.Read More …
providing single touch access to support and services


Improve customer experience by providing single touch access to support and services based on the products in a customer’s Own list.Read More …
providing single touch access to support and services


Empower customers and the people who serve those customers with relevant knowledge to solve the problems and find answers to the questions quickly. Enable Customers, Service networksRead More …
Track and maintain customer’s product service


Leverage mobile, cloud, social, and analytic technologies to have field service organizations running at full potential driving up productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.Read More …
part sales for maintenance, repairs, and operation


Increase part sales for maintenance, repairs, and operation of products through easy online ordering and subscription programs. Read More …
part sales for maintenance, repairs, and operation


Mize Returns Management software (mReturns) enables companies to Simplify, Automate, and Integrate Product and Part return processes. mReturns delivers many benefits to companies. Read More …
Improve customer loyalty and post-sale revenues


Improve customer loyalty and post-sale revenues by increasing the attach rate and renewal of service contracts, maintenance plans, or extended warranties. Read More …


Perform pre-delivery and regularly scheduled service inspections using mobile devices to proactively detect and resolve product issues.Read More …


Connect customers with physical locations of your Stores, Dealers or Service centers and inventory of Products or Parts. Convert digital touch points into sales by locating what your customers want.Read More …


Enable Connected Customer Experience using Insights and Context from sensors in Connected products. Deliver proactive customer service and support and innovative digital services with IoT.Read More …
Increase post-sale revenue


Track and maintain customer’s product service needs to schedule service and preventative maintenance appointments. Read More …
Net Promoter Score (NPS).

VoC (Feedback)

Listen and respond to real-time feedback from users to improve customer satisfaction, advocacy, and Net Promoter Score (NPS).Read More …


Smart Blox Elements

    • Business Web Services: High performance, robust web services for cloud storage and processing.
    • Enterprise Integration: Integration with existing enterprise software and data systems.
    • Customer Insights: Information and analytics allowing brands to improve and measure engagement.
    • Mize CX Touch: Optimize User Experience to elevate Customer Experience.
    • CX Connect: Enhance Customer Interactions with Integrated applications


Mize Smart blox for smart Custiomer engagement solutions

SaaS Subscription Model

Smart Blox are provided on a subscription basis making it easy to get started without an upfront investment in licenses or infrastructure. Subscriptions include all services; licensing, support, maintenance, and hosting.

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