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Customer Community.


Customer Community

Cultivate Communities & Harvest Profits

Current Conditions:

Brands’ failure to capitalize on flourishing peer-to-peer communities

Customer CommunityWith the explosive growth of social networks, customers are increasingly influenced by their friends, rather than brands, for their purchase decisions and answers to their questions.

Companies find it difficult to monitor brand related conversations among the billions of exchanges happening on open social networks.

A wide gap exists between how mobile and social consumers want to interact with brands and how companies are adapting.

Brands are failing to capitalize on peer-to-peer communities to drive engagement and ultimately, revenues. Brands are also missing an opportunity to reduce expensive customer support calls by leveraging customer communities to answer simple questions.

Brands need to make communities part of a comprehensive customer experience strategy to harvest the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing, brand loyalty, and higher sales.

Mize Customer Community Solution: Foster Community Support, Marketing & Ideas

93% of customers identify word-of-mouth as the most reliable source for ideas and information about products and services. Consumers come together through Mize’s Customer Community solution to collaborate, answer questions and share insights. The community stimulates engaging and valuable conversations resulting in an amassed crowd-sourced, social knowledge base. Consumers can share rich content such as videos and images with other community members.

By harnessing the power of Mize’s Customer Community Solution, brands can form direct relationships with members of the community to listen to feedback and participate in customer conversations. Brands can capture and transform these interactions into relevant, consumer-generated content that nurtures loyalty and advocacy. Brands can synthesize the opinions and sentiment of the community to help drive and prioritize product innovation.

Utilizing Mize’s Customer Community Solution, brands can:

  • Manage interactions such as questions, discussions, problem reporting & improvement suggestions
  • Keep customers engaged in brand-related conversations through apps, promotions, contests & gamification strategies
  • Update customers in real time on product releases, support issues & solutions
  • Provide an open way for customers to offer feedback & ideas
  • Gauge demand by allowing customers to discuss and vote for the best ideas
  • Support routing of feedback & ideas to internal teams for timely action
  • Reduce repetitive questions to call centers by providing FAQs, documentation & forums
  • Integrate the community with websites, mobile apps & social networks – providing seamless interactions

Brands can gain insights into customer sentiment and trends from community forums, discussions and conversations. Using the Voice of the Customer (VoC), brands can deliver better customer experience at every stage of the lifecycle.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Provide feedback for product features, improvements & enhancements
  • Get trusted advice from like-minded peers
  • Quickly find answers & resolve issues
  • Gain access to community rewards & social recognition
  • No cost support & education through shared learning experiences
  • Feel a sense of belonging to a community & influence brands collectively

Benefits to Brands

  • Achieve highly-effective customer engagement fueling conversations & word-of-mouth marketing
  • Boost revenue & realize significant direct benefits in customer service & marketing
  • Leverage knowledge of customers to answer basic, repetitive questions, freeing up support agents for more difficult issues
  • Improve customer satisfaction through faster resolution to issues


Profit from Wisdom of the Community

Let the Mize Customer Community provide your organization with leading-edge capabilities that stimulate interaction and advocacy among your consumers.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and a personalized demonstration.

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