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Internet of Things: Connected Products and Customer Experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Connected Products and Customer Experience

Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Products offer enormous opportunity for brands to deliver rich customer experiences and provide proactive customer support. Sensor-generated data provides better contextual information leading to deeper understanding of customer use of products and the customer journey.


Many companies are struggling to find the ways to make sense of mountains of data collected using connected devices and Mize IoT Smart Blox enables these companies to:

  • Discover, Register, Activate, and Monitor connected products
  • Enrich 360°view of Products and Customers
  • Create revenue opportunities through Smarter customer Engagement
  • Trigger predictive and proactive support and service events
  • Dispatch right technicians, parts and knowledge to repair products and minimize down time
  • Feed diagnostic data to service transactions such as warranty claim, support request and service order
  • Deliver analytics and customer insights to improve the quality of products and services

Apps integrated with IoT Platforms

Mize web and mobile apps utilize data collected from different IoT platforms and gateways to deliver a unified customer experience. Mize portfolio of Smart Blox enable brands to quickly and cost effectively deliver applications that enhance customer service and ownership experience.

Mize has deep expertise in working with durables goods and asset-intensive industries to improve efficiency and optimize assets. Contact us to learn how your company can monetize IoT and maximize customer lifetime value.

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