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Mize Locator: Location Based Services Software.


Locator Solution

store locator mobile appMobilize and Socialize Location-Based Services

Current Conditions:

Failure to attract connected mobile and social consumers

As consumers continue their migration to mobile and web, physical retail channels become less competitive, reporting declining sales. Customers must be able to easily find products and deals that bring them to the stores.

Consumers want to find parts and services nearby, but don’t know where these services are available. Retailers find it difficult to stock products matching customer’s needs.

As mobile devices continue to provide better location information, brands can enhance their customer experience by personalizing offers that drive traffic and sales to their locations.

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The Solution: Mize Locator Services

product Services schedule mobile appSimplest way for consumers to find nearby products, retailers and service centers

Mize Locator Solution works with PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones to bring connected consumers to stores.

Brands, retailers and service providers can easily implement the solution; integrating with existing web and mobile applications.

Mize Locator Solution enables:

  • Use mobile location, zip code or address to list stores and service centers
  • Integration with interactive maps, providing driving directions
  • Enhance websites & mobile apps with a full-feature universal locator
  • Instant access to store hours, product availability and pickup options
  • Relevant offers and right-now deals based on customer location and context
  • Social check-in capabilities to increase visibility and customer advocacy
  • Better customer experience for in-store and/or at-home service


Benefits to Consumers

  • Access to retail and service locations
  • Purchase online & pick up in stores
  • Product availability, pricing & deals
  • Schedule sales & service assistance


Benefits to Brands

  • Drive traffic & sales to locations
  • Improve sales through better visibility
  • Easy to setup, maintain & deliver
  • Integration with existing infrastructure


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Accelerate Traffic & Sales

Mize Locator Solution helps brands compete more effectively, while providing better value to consumers. Contact us today to learn how to drive additional traffic and sales to retail locations & customer service centers.

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