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Marketing Offers.


Marketing Offers

Optimize return on marketing investment with personalized offers & campaigns

Marketing OffersCurrent Conditions:

Billions Wasted On Ineffective Marketing Methods

Outmoded mass marketing campaigns fail to get customer attention wasting billions.

Brands struggle to stand out and differentiate their products and services as consumers are bombarded with irrelevant ads, emails, and deals resulting in lower response rates.

Brands are also losing control of the message as consumers increasingly interact with each other via mobile and social channels.

Marketers must adapt to sustain competitive advantage to grow market and wallet share.

Marketing Solution: Transform the way you reach & engage connected consumers

Simple & Effective – For Consumers & Brands Simple & Effective – For Consumers & Brands

By utilizing the Smarter Customer Engagement Engine, Mize Marketing Solution delivers relevant options to ready-to-buy customers at the most influential touchpoints.

Mize Marketing Solution enables brands to:

  • Leverage customer insights from multiple data sources to gain better understanding of customer preferences, intentions, and purchasing patterns.
  • Map customer engagement to identify ideal customer profile, the right channels, and the precise timing.
  • Deliver targeted and relevant messages to reach the customers on more effective channels including retail, web, mobile, and social.

Mize marketing solution helps brands win new customers by advancing the consumer through different stages of the path to purchase. Using Customer Central, brands can easily set up and manage profiles, promotions, campaigns, templates, and triggers to lead interactions at important touchpoints. Integrated analytics powered by industry standard BI platform drives optimal marketing decisions, lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

As user generated content becomes increasingly popular and credible, brands can foster advocacy and amplify word-of-mouth marketing through social connections.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Avoid clutter of irrelevant messages and focus attention on real wants and needs
  • Save money from timely offers and applicable promotions
  • Make better and more informed decisions
  • Gain confidence through reviews and recommendations from trusted friends

Benefits to Brands

  • Accelerate revenue through relevant and contextual promotional offers
  • Increase post-sale and repeat purchases by staying connected throughout the lifecycle
  • Optimize marketing ROI by lowering the cost of customer acquisition and retention

Grow Market & Wallet Share

Contact us today to learn how you can deploy more effective customer engagement and realize better returns on marketing investment.

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