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Mize Fleet Warranty Management Software.


Fleets in asset-intensive industries have their service centers to perform maintenance and repairs. Warranty recovery for products under OEM or Supplier warranty or a Service Contract is critical to control costs. Fleets have to deal with a number of different warranty systems making the claim process inefficient.

Fleets need a robust warranty system to keep track of all warranty entitlements and enable warranty recovery from the suppliers. Fleet warranty application integrated with fleet maintenance software and a multitude of supplier warranty systems will help automate the claim process while increasing the warranty cost recovery.

Mize Warranty Software for Fleets

Mize Warranty Software enables fleets of every size to optimize warranty claim processes and maximize cost recovery.

Track Warranty entitlements

Mize Warranty enables fleets to keep track of all warranty coverages centrally:

  • All assets and warranty entitlements by integrating the product registration with manufacturers
  • Any maintenance agreements and service contracts with OEMs, Suppliers, and third parties
  • Supplier coverages on specific components
  • Replaced Part or component warranties
  • Aftermarket warranties on Parts, and accessories
  • Recalls or Service Bulletins issued by Manufacturers

Unified Warranty Application

Fleets can enter, process, and track all warranty claims, returns, and payments from single centralized application making if efficient and easier. Mize Warranty enables unified communication between fleets and warranty providers to exchange comments, attachments, and emails.

Fleet warranty admin personnel can focus on improving the warranty cost recovery rather than mundane manual tasks to re-enter data across the systems or follow-up using phone or email.

Integrate with Fleet Management Systems

Mize Warranty integrates with Fleet Maintenance and Management Systems(FMS) to identify repairs covered under warranty and generate warranty claims.

Mize Warranty complies with the standards such as TMC’s VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance and Reporting Standard), Universal Claim Form (UCF) to exchange the warranty data without manual re-entry.

FMS applications can integrate in real-time using standard webs services to validate warranty eligibility and also upload repair orders in batch to generate supplier warranty claims.

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Integrate with Manufacturer Warranty Systems

Mize Warranty integrates with various warranty systems to exchange warranty claims, errors, payments and Return Material Authorizations (RMA). Fleets can track and generate reports on warranty recovery and claim payment status.

Mize Warranty applies agreed upon warranty policies and interface using web services in real-time to calculate the parts and labor reimbursements for Warranty claims.

Mize CX Connect allows the exchange of data using Files, XML, Web Services, and EDI to integrate with different companies. Mize Maps the claim format to match what the supplier is expecting to ensure claim data is accurate and can be processed faster without additional changes to their existing systems.

Gain actionable Insights on Warranty and Supplier Performance

Fleets have easy access to dashboards, reports, and analytics to analyze warranty costs, recovery performance, and supplier quality.  Fleet managers can use the flexible warranty analysis to manage the repair costs and drive the fleet performance.

Cost-Effective and robust Warranty application

Mize Platform and Warranty software are available in Cloud for a subscription based on the number of claims and the total amount of warranty recovery. All fleet’s service centers have access to the warranty application from any web browser or a mobile device.

Fleets can realize immediate ROI as there are no upfront hardware costs, software license fees, or costly customization services. Fleets can realize immediate benefits by optimizing the warranty processes and maximizing the supplier warranty cost recovery.

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