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Fleet Customer Service Portal.


Fleet customers represent a significant portion of the revenue and profits for many manufacturers in asset-intensive industries.  Fleets can be rental companies, Government entities, 3rd party fleet managers, leasing companies, or large customers that rely on the assets to run their business operations.

Product uptime and asset utilization are critical for the fleets, and they expect more direct service relationship with the OEMs to keep their products running. OEMs need to balance the direct relationships with fleets and their existing dealer networks to deliver optimal service.

Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform connects Fleets with all stakeholders in the service chain including OEMs, Dealers or Service Providers, and Suppliers. OEMs can utilize the platform to build service relationships with Fleets to optimize service experience and maximize customer lifetime value.

Fleet Customer Service Portal

Fleet Customer Service Portal from Mize enables your fleet customers to keep track of all their products, access service information, and initiate any of the service interactions. Fleets can access Service requests, Quotes, Parts Orders, Warranty Claims, Service Manuals, and Service Bulletins easily and conveniently from your branded self-service portal or a mobile app.

Using the Mize Portal, you can empower your fleet customers to:

  • Keep track of all assets in the fleet and access all product related information including product configuration, warranty or contract entitlements, and service history
  • Submit Warranty Claims directly when their repair depots or in-house technicians perform the warranty work
  • Access Parts Catalogs and Order Spare Parts from the dealer network or to be drop-shipped from your warehouse
  • Access the Service Knowledge Base to answers any questions or help with repair procedures
  • Request Support from the local dealer or your technical assistance centers
  • Buy Maintenance agreements or Service Contracts
  • Locate a Dealer or Service Center when additional help is needed
  • Manage service events based on data from the connected products using IoT for proactive and predictive maintenance

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Connect to Dealer or Service Network

OEMs can leverage the existing dealer and service provider network to deliver the parts and services to the Fleets locally. The service requests from the Fleet portal are routed to the associated dealer and dealers can access all the information from Mize Channel Connect.  Dealer personnel and Service Technicians also have access to all the information about specific products.

Orchestrate Service Delivery

OEM Service Teams have real-time visibility to all service interactions with Fleets customers. Mize Customer Central enables the service teams to orchestrate and govern workflows, service resources, Parts, and Knowledge to ensure timely fulfillment of any request from the customers.

The teams from Warranty, Parts, Technical Sevices, aftermarket sales, and service operations can collaborate to deliver the consistent service to your customers.

Gain actionable Insights to improve Service Performance

All stakeholders have access to Dashboards, Reports, and analysis to improve service delivery and product uptime.  Actionable insights accessed online or delivered via email keeps all users updated on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) without spending lot of time

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Integrate with Enterprise Systems seamlessly

Mize CX Connect enables seamless integration with enterprise systems for automating the service processes. Mize CX Connect provides pre-built connectors for most standard enterprise software systems such as ERP, CRM, and Fulfillment systems to reduce the cost of integration.

Most of the Fleet companies have fleet maintenance or asset management systems to keep track of the maintenance and services being performed by the internal service deports.  Mize CX Connect enables seamless integration with Fleet management systems using standard web services (API) to provide access to product information or exchange service or parts data between the Fleet Portal and the Fleet Management System.

Service information is also integrated with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) for Repair Orders, Parts Orders, and financial information.

Mize supports Industry standards such as TMC’s VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard) to allow a standard way to exchange service data.

Empower Fleet customers to maximize uptime and optimize TCO

OEMs can reduce the cost of service delivery while keeping the most important customers satisfied.   Fleet Customer Portal powered by Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform and a portfolio of Smart Blox, simplifies all service interactions to maximize uptime and optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Get Started cost-effectively in days

You can get started with Mize Fleet Customer Service Portal in days for a simple and cost-effective subscription model in Cloud (SaaS) without any upfront investment in hardware, software licenses, or costly implementation services.

Mize Fleet Customer Service Portal enables OEMs, Dealers, and Fleets to:

  • Manage the Fleet service relationships on a connected platform in Cloud
  • Enhance Service delivery to improve Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve efficiencies and save costs to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Gain actionable insights to drive service performance and product uptime

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