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Tap into the billions being spent buying through mobile devices

Current Situation:

Mobile commerce has reached the inflexion point; consumers now use their devices to search, shop and buy.

Recent industry reports have stated that mobile would soon account for 25% of online sales, worth tens of billions annually.

Many current websites are not optimized for mobile screens, nor are they touch enabled.

Customers are abandoning these outmoded sites without purchasing, resulting in loss of revenue for brands and retailers.

As an increasing percentage of traffic to websites is from mobile, brands need to adapt their e-commerce websites to leverage mobile commerce.

Mize Solution: A retail outlet in the customer’s hands

Mize mobile commerce (m-commerce) solution enables brands and retailers to create and engaging shopping experience for all mobile devices.

Using m-commerce solution, customers can use their mobile devices to:

  • Access product catalogs & information optimized for a wide variety of screen sizes
  • Discover and add products easily to a shopping cart & check out
  • Make quick decisions by comparing products & accessing ratings, reviews and recommendations
  • Access & apply vouchers, coupons, discounts & loyalty incentives
  • Complete purchases without leaving app; payment methods & digital wallets are integrated
  • Track purchases and gain access to product related support & services

With m-commerce solution, brands can:

  • Conduct mobile commerce using native apps, as well as responsive websites on various devices
  • Increase basket size by presenting comparative products, accessories and related goods
  • Configure & manage all aspects of the mobile commerce storefront using Customer Central
  • Integrate with existing backend & fulfillment systems, streamlining end-to-end transactions
  • Integrate with store locator to drive traffic to physical outlets
  • Deliver contextual & location based marketing offers to attract more customers
  • Analyze customer visits, views & purchases to drive additional revenues using Customer Insights

Brands and retailers realize immediate benefits with ready deployable Mize mobile commerce solution by eliminating the need to spend time and resources on custom mobile app development.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Ease of mobile shopping anywhere, on any device
  • Convenience of tapping into marketing offers on mobile devices
  • Tracking all want & own lists in one place
  • Access to relevant information from multiple sources, making confident decisions
  • Personalized experience with contextual offers and information

Benefits to Brands

  • Grow product sales from leveraging exponential growth in mobile channels
  • Expand reach to consumers & provide personalized experience
  • Convert more prospects and visitors to customers
  • Increase basket-size & wallet share through cross-selling & up-selling
  • Generate consumer purchases directly from mobile marketing
  • Increase traffic to websites & stores from mobile devices

Mobilize & Monetize with Mize

Grow revenues and profits from frictionless mobile commerce today.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and demonstration.

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