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3D Parts Catalog Software.

Increase Parts Sales and Enhance Service Experience

Errors in the identification of right service parts result in more parts returns, delays in completing repairs, and loss of parts sales. Leverage 3D models from CAD Designs in Parts Catalogs to identify the right parts needed for servicing your products.

Mize 3D Parts Catalog will allow your Customers, Field Service Technicians, Parts Managers, and Channel Partners to quickly and accurately identify the right parts needed for any repair.

Mize 3D Parts Catalog Software enables you to realize immediate benefits:

  • Increase Service or Spare Parts Sales,
  • Improve Productivity of Service Technicians
  • Enhance Customer Service Experience

Mize 3D Parts Catalog helps the users to:

  • Access any of the Assemblies in 3D for an interactive experience
  • Rotate, Zoom, Explode, and Drill-down 3D Models to identify the right parts
  • Select Parts from the 3D Model or Parts list to add to a pick list or an order

3D Parts Catalog option can be added to Mize Parts Catalog Software for seamless interchange between 2D or 3D diagrams based on availability, user preference or bandwidth.  3D Parts Catalog can be accessed by using Product Model or Serial Number or through a simple text search for Parts.

Access 3D Parts Catalogs on any Browser

Mize uses standard WebGL (Web Graphics Library) JavaScript API within HTML 5 for rendering interactive 3D models within any compatible web browser without any downloads or the use of plug-ins. Mize 3D Parts catalog makes it easier for any of the users to access the interactive 3D Parts Catalogs in real-time over the web.

Access 3D Parts Catalogs on any Browser

Access 3D Parts Catalogs from any Mobile Device

Mize Channel Connect mobile app enables Field Service Technicians, Service Personnel, and Customers to access interactive 3D Parts Catalogs from any mobile device.

Embed 3D into Web Sites and Service Content

The 3D viewer can be embedded into any of the web sites, or service manuals, parts manuals and other Knowledge assets. Your web site visitors or service teams accessing any of the service assets can benefit from the rich 3D interactive experience.

3D Catalogs and models can be easily accessed from Customer Portals or Dealer Portals.  

Easily Publish from your CAD programs

You can publish 3D catalogs from any of the fifty most used formats by the popular CAD software programs. The CAD models will be automatically converted without additional manual efforts and readily available to be used within Service Parts Catalogs.

When engineering changes occur, you can quickly upload or automatically synch with 3D parts catalog for faster and real-time updates.

Integrate with Shopping Cart and Parts Ordering

Parts selected from 3D Models can be added to a Shopping Cart to generate a pick list or a Parts Order. 3D Parts Catalog improves the accuracy of parts orders reducing the errors and the cost of part returns. You can integrate the Parts Orders with any of the Parts Fulfillment or Warehouse systems using CX Connect.

Cost Effective Cloud Deployment

You can deploy Mize 3D Parts Catalogs software rapidly and cost effectively on CX Cloud for a subscription fee (SaaS) without costly infrastructure, license and implementation expenses.

Request a Demo now to learn how you can increase Spare Parts sales and enhance Service Experience with Mize 3D Parts Catalog Software.

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