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Parts Support Management Software: Simplify and Streamline Parts Support.

Parts Support Management Software: Simplify and Streamline Parts Support

Service Parts are a good source of revenues and profitability for durable product manufacturers. Having the right parts available at the right time and at the right place is critical for completing the repairs.


Resolving Parts Support cases faster and accurately helps you to:

• Improve Product Uptime
• Increase Customer Satisfaction
• Grow Parts sales
• Streamline Parts Support processes

Many companies use manually intensive processes are forced to develop custom Parts Support systems as generic CRM software do not handle parts support scenarios. Mize focuses on developing CRM Service and Support Software to address the needs of the durable product manufacturers with specific Product and Parts support capabilities.

Mize Support software simplifies and streamlines Parts support with a web portal and a mobile app for customers, parts counter personnel, field service technicians, and parts support teams to:
• Expedite Parts Orders
• Identify right parts
• Check Parts inventory and availability
• Fix errors with Parts Orders or shipping
• Answer questions about Parts
• Access relevant Parts information and knowledge
• Generate RMA for Parts returns

Mize Parts Support software integrates seamlessly with Parts systems to resolve Parts Support issues faster and more accurately. Mize provides standard web services and connectors to integrate with:

Parts Catalog
Parts Order
• Parts Order fulfillment
• Parts Pricing
• Shipping Carriers
• Part Supplier Orders

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