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Manuals, Warranty, Service History, Knowledge Base & Product Support

Current Conditions:

Confused and dissatisfied with complexity of getting answers and problem resolution

Customers need access to product information, warranty, manuals, knowledge base, support and services for their products. Currently product information is scattered and not easily accessible.

Product 360 access to manuals, warranty, service history, knowledge baseDespite heavy investments and costs involved for brands, customers are frustrated with wait times and the experience provided by the call centers. Today’s connected consumers demand instant response and answers for their issues.

Warranty and registration information, crucial for tracking the growth of the brand, is difficult for customers to organize and maintain with the current paper manuals and hardcopy. Brands pay for expensive call centers with limited positive results.

Information is scattered across several locations; call centers, online support, forums, social crowd support and hardcopy. Customers have many options available, but have a hard time finding the exact information they require.

The Solution: Product 360

Easier and faster access to comprehensive product knowledge

By centralizing product support information into single platform, Mize reduces consumer frustration and expense of call centers by empowering self-sufficient customers.

  • All-inclusive tracking for product warranty, service history, and purchases
  • Solution provides practical information for both customers and brands
  • Hardcopy manuals, and paper warranty forms become a thing of the past

centralizing product support informationProduct 360 provides the end-user customer with a comprehensive resource for information regarding the product, helping find useful knowledge and answers quickly when products fail.

Product 360 offers simple and convenient ways for customers to access product knowledge that was once spread across multiple applications and databases. Product 360 eliminates the need for consumers to keep track of paper manuals, receipts, registration and warranty cards.

Product 360 makes it easy to access comprehensive product information in one place from any mobile device or web. Product data can be accessed using the model and serial number of the product. Warranty coverage, support/service history can be tracked for a specific product. Advanced search helps consumers to find answers using natural language searches. All product data can be accessed with a single touch from the customers list of owned products.

Brands can foster self-service by providing access to resources that customers need, without requiring assistance from an agent on a call center. Using Product 360, brands can deliver rich content, documentation, and tools, making it easy of for customers to find relevant and helpful information. By making installation, training and support resources available online, customers can get help and service products on their own.

Mize Customer Central brand portal enables brands to maintain and organize the product knowledge for easy access by customers. The knowledge is automatically indexed for faster access. Brands can configure unique brand experiences for their customer community.


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Benefits to Consumers

• Customers experience faster access to support and troubleshooting information
• Information accessed through any method desired by customer
• Warranty, service information and maintenance information is centralized
• Product registration is simplified and streamlined

Benefits to Brands

• Lessened call center queues resulting from customers requiring less support time
• Brands able to track service, support, maintenance and repair history for products
• Accelerated feedback on value of products to consumers

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Service & Support

Service & Support

Improve customer experience by providing single touch access to support and services based on the products in a customer’s owned list. Brands can ensure first-time fix by providing knowledge, parts, and tools required for services.

Warranty Solution

Warranty Solution

Customer-centric approach enables end customers to register products, track warranties, manage protection plans, receive recall notifications, provide direct feedback on service and access information through multiple channels including mobile and web.

Inspection Solution

Inspection Solution

Perform pre-delivery and regularly scheduled service inspections using mobile devices to proactively detect and resolve product issues. Mize Inspection Solution manages both pre-delivery and post-delivery inspections to improve speed and consistency.

Customer Community

Customer Community

Foster brand loyalty and amplify positive social feedback by facilitating customer community through shared learning and experiences. Brands can synthesize the opinions and sentiment of the community to help drive and prioritize product innovation.

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