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Product Catalog and Information Management Software.


Product Catalog and Information Management Software

– Digitize, Mobilize, and Monetize Product Information

Today’s connected customers expect to find the product information they need instantly on any channel of their choice to make the purchase decisions. Rich Product content is central to a connected customer experience that leads to better customer engagement and increased sales.

Manufacturers of complex products who sell and service products through multi-tiered Channel Partners face many challenges in delivering the right product content to meet the needs of the customers at various touch points during the customer life cycle.

Mize Digital Product Catalogs make it easier to deliver rich product content including product specifications, accessories, digital assets, and more in any language and on any device to customers, channel partners, and sales teams.

Product Information Management for Manufacturers

Mize connects all stakeholders on a single platform and enables:

  • Customers to access the product information easily on any channel
  • Channel Partners and Sales teams to generate more sales
  • Manufacturers to effectively manage the centralized product data

Digitized and Centralized product information helps manufacturers to monetize the content by increasing sales and market share.

Increase Sales

Deliver digital product information to retailers, dealers, sales teams, web sites, customer portals, and social networks to facilitate customer purchase decisions and improve sales conversion.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience and engagement with rich product content such as images, videos, specifications, accessories, brochures, and knowledge.

Drive Market Share

Optimize Product content to improve product discovery on the web and social channels, facilitate customer decision making, and integrate with lead generation and nurturing.

Improve Team productivity   

Improve team productivity by making it easier to synchronize, maintain, and share product content across all channels and retail partners.

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Digitize Product Catalogs

Create and share digital product catalogs with comprehensive information such as product descriptions, images, videos, specifications, attributes, accessories, Bill of Material (BOM), Knowledge, Parts and more.

Product Information Management

Centralize all product content and information from multiple sources for all product models to be a consolidated source of product information for users across all applications and sites.

Digital Asset Management

Upload and share digital assets and multi-media files from internal teams, suppliers, and agencies to engage and educate the customers about your products.

Product BOM

Manage multi-tiered Bill of Material (BOM) to help with product configuration and comparisons.

Mobilize Product Content

Optimize the product content delivery across multiple channels with responsive web pages, native mobile apps, and standard web services.

Enhance Customer Experience on all Channels

Product content is the core of a great customer experience.  Brands can increase sales by delivering the relevant product content that customers need to make a purchase decision.

Simplify Search and filtering

All product content is indexed to make it easier and faster for customers to find the right products. Simple google like search can be used to find products and multiple filters can be applied to identify the right products that meet customer needs.

Enrich interactive product catalogs

Replace static product brochures with interactive digital catalogs leveraging all digital assets including high-resolution images, Videos, and 3D models.

Easily add products to Quote and Order

Customers can easily add the products to shopping cart for a quote, rental or order. The customer orders can be directed to channel partners, or integrated with fulfillment systems.

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Enable Channel Partners to Drive Sales

Provide your sales teams, retailers, dealers, and distributor partners with the most up-to-date product information, pricing, and digital assets.

eCommerce channels

Deliver right product content and specifications online to drive online sales conversion. Drive traffic to the store through an integrated store or product locator.

In-store digital experience

Enhance customer experience in the store by augmenting with digital product information. Customers can scan a Product bar code or QR code to access rich product information at a store or a dealership.

Increase Wallet Share

Sell accessories, service plans, and related products by presenting the relevant offers to customers based on the product they purchase.

Empower Sales teams

The product information can empower sales team to answer customer’s questions and recommend right products.  Reduce Sales training time by making the product data accessible on demand.

Engage Customers

The sales team can generate a quote for a customer with product content and pricing. Channel Partners can follow-up with customers via email with quotes and embedded product content.

Convert to Orders

Convert Product information with customer selections into an order for fulfillment improving sales conversion and team productivity.

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Centralize Product Content

Centralize the product information in one place and publish up-to-date and accurate digital product catalogs to all sites, and applications.  Mize Digital Product Catalogs link various product information components, digital assets, and pricing to deliver complete product content for online access or API.

Manage Product Information

Manage product data including structured elements, unstructured content, image galleries, and video all in one place. Data can be maintained in various languages and formats through an easy to use Customer Central interface. All stakeholders from marketing, sales, support and channel management can maintain and access the product information, pricing, and digital assets.

Source and Consolidate Product Content

Data from multiple sources including ERP, PLM, Suppliers, and Marketing can be imported and synchronized to maintain accurate and up-to-date product content. Schedule imports via FTP or API from existing systems to synchronize the product information in the central data base.

Maintain Product Catalogs

Product Catalog data can be edited and maintained online by authorized teams and validated to ensure the quality of all the product information. All product information is auto-indexed to make it searchable. Mize helps you consolidate, manage, maintain, and publish product information and digital assets to all your channels.

Export Data in other formats

Product data can be exported or published in different formats for other retail and channel partners. Export and Data feed processes can be scheduled and automated to keep all partners updated with the latest product information.

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The Product Information Management Platform

Mize Product Information management powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform enables Brands and Channel Partners to manage, optimize, and share their content to drive sales and enhance customer experience.

Cloud-Based and Cost Effective

Mize Products Catalog, hosted on CX Cloud, is available for a cost-effective subscription fee (SaaS) without costly hardware, license, and implementation services.

Scalable and High-availability

Mize applications are hosted on AWS to meet your needs for scalability, high-availability, and performance.

API and Web Services

Mize provides RESTful Web Services API for Product content to be embedded into web sites or other applications. Export Data in other formats to be used by other partner sites.

Product Content Analytics

Gain actionable insights from CX Insights on the use of product content and feedback to drive sales by continuously improving the product information. Integrate with Google Analytics to track usage and traffic to product catalog pages.

Global and Multi-lingual

Product information and content can be managed and delivered in any of the languages you need to support your global customer base. Mize supports globalization and localization for date formats, currencies, security and privacy requirements.

Mize Digital Product Catalog and Product Information Management software is the simple, cost-effective, and complete solution for manufacturers to manage and deliver up-to-date product content across all channels.    

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