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Product Discovery.


Product Discovery

Help Consumers Discover & Share Products across Multiple Channels

Product DiscoveryCurrent Conditions:

Greater Customer Acquisition Costs

In today’s consumer-driven markets, brands struggle to differentiate product offerings from their competitors.

Brands feel the pinch of higher customer acquisition costs, and dwindling market share. Quality and value are ignored by consumers in their quest to attain rock-bottom prices.

Consumers are overwhelmed by irrelevant advertising, resulting in apathy. Confusion and minimal information results in an inability to differentiate among products to make purchase decisions.


The Solution: m-ize Product Discovery

Optimize Experience on All Channels


The m-ize solution makes it easy for consumers to find and compare products on web, mobile, and social channels:

consumers to find and compare products on web, mobile, and social channels• Enhance customer experience using rich content; images, audio files, videos & contextual information
• Facilitate discovery through sharing products, advice, and recommendations via product-centric social network
• Feature relevant products based on context and intent using our Smarter Customer Engagement Engine
• Increase consumer’s wallet share by presenting ancillary products, services, and accessories
• Provide instant access to detailed product information through scanning of bar or QR codes
• Optimize product offerings and plans by gaining insight into real-time customer trends and topics
• Enable ability to share product information share on websites, social and relevant channels


Brands can upload, maintain, as well as disburse, all product related information and assets from a single location


Benefits to Consumers

  • Convenient access to products anywhere, anytime
  • Streamlined product discovery, and research
  • Increases confidence in making purchase decisions
  • Savings from personalized offers, and promotions

Benefits to Brands

  • Lower cost of customer acquisition and conversion
  • Ability to differentiate products and services
  • Increased visibility from Word-of-Mouth (WoM)
  • Simplified, multi-channel content distribution


Gain More Customers and Increase Market Share

Heightened product visibility levels and stronger customer relationships result in greater sales and increased market share. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment, and a personalized demonstration.


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