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Product Inspection Software.


Product Inspection Software

Collect and analyze inspection data to proactively detect and resolve product issues

Product InspectionCurrent Situation:

Consumers Dissatisfied With Unexpected Product Failure
Inadequate inspection processes result in increased returns, thus damaging the customer perception of brand quality.

Consumers do not receive the best value, thereby reducing customer loyalty and advocacy.

Paper checklists and other manual processes impede the speed and accuracy of inspections performed by the channel partners.

Brands incur higher costs from warranty, restocking fees and refunds. Brands can improve customer satisfaction through better inspection processes and tools.

Simple and Effective Inspection Solution

Mize Inspection Solution manages both pre-delivery and post-delivery inspections to improve speed and consistency.

Our solution presents the correct template for the selected product and enables faster completion online or on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mize Inspection Software enables Brands and Channel Partners to:

  • Create their own custom forms using Mize provided universal templates for on-site product inspections and service quotes
  • Deploy inspection request forms to service partners via email
  • Service partners can use their mobile devices or the Mize web UI to complete and submit captured inspection results and (if applicable) product service estimates
  • Generate completed inspection reports for inclusion in customer database records and electronically distribute as desired
  • Use Mize Insights to generate reports and perform analysis using inspection data


Benefits to Customers

    • Better value from higher quality products
    • Reduced need for product returns and repairs
    • Lower risk of product failures, resulting in peace of mind

Benefits to Brands

  • Ease of PDI capture and submission with tablet, mobile or web software
  • Enhance profitability by saving warranty and repair costs
  • Improve perception of brand quality
  • Foster customer loyalty and advocacy

Stop Delivering Non-Conforming Products to Customers

Ensure customer acceptance and satisfaction with your product lines by implementing the Mize Inspection Solution. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and personalized demonstration.

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