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Product Registration Software.


Product Registration

Product RegistrationOn-Ramp to Smarter Customer Engagement 

Current Conditions:

Declining product registration, brand loyalty and post-sale revenues

Product registration is one of the key means for brands to better know customers who have purchased their products. However the number of  consumers who complete registration process remains undesirably low despite brand’s efforts.

Even though there are significant post-sale revenue and profit opportunities, brands have not been able to connect and engage with customers to realize their full life time value. While increased global competition all but eliminates product and price differentiation, customer experience remains the key driver of brand loyalty.

The Solution: Mize Product Registration

Simple & Effective – For Consumers & Brands 


Product registration through web or mobile device simplifies the entire process while enhancing benefits.

  • Existing customer information eliminates need for user to re-enter their information – reducing registration time.
  • Customer simply scans the supplied Bar or QR Code to identify the product and submit registration.
  • Supercharge your registration and customer engagement by utilizing our embedded registration technology.
  • Registration information is provided to brands and product is added to consumer’s own list for easy tracking.
  • Customers will have an opportunity to purchase service plans, accessories, and related products from the brand.

Product Registration


Benefits to Consumers

  • Products are automatically added to consumer’s own list; providing quick easy access to warranty, support, accessories, knowledge base and service plans
  • Customer has all products together in one place. This helps to organize and track products through to upgrade.
  • Customers are able to share, seek advice, support and recommendations on social channels from other owners.


Benefits to Brands

  • Generate additional revenue and profits from accessories, parts, services and protection plans.
  • Engage  customers through multiple channels including web, mobile, email and social networks.
  • Reduce marketing and support cost per customer by utilizing more effective means of engagement.
  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) by benefitting from positive reviews.


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Connect & Engage Your Customers Now

Brands can easily get started with Mize product registration without a large capital investment. Pay as you grow with low monthly subscription rates.  Brands will immediately realize higher levels of product registration, increased customer engagement and reinvigorated revenue streams.  Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment and personalized demonstration.

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