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Ratings and Reviews.


Ratings and Reviews

Boost Conversion and Sales By Leveraging Customer Ratings & Reviews

Current Situation:

Lack of visibility and control over customer ratings and reviews

Ratings and ReviewsProduct ratings and reviews have become one of the most important sources of information as consumers make purchase decisions.

Industry reports indicate that more than 70% of consumers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing.Availability of helpful reviews boosts conversion by at least 20%.

At the same time, reports also show that 80% of consumers have changed their mind about purchases based on negative information found online.

Negative ratings and reviews damage brand reputation and companies find they cannot adequately defend themselves through third-party sites.

By responding to negative reviews in a timely fashion, businesses have an opportunity to turn detractors into loyal customers and prevent damage to brand reputation.

Brands need a reliable way to leverage positive effects of ratings and reviews to increase conversion and sales while having an opportunity to quickly address any negative reviews. Brands must act on insights into customer sentiment to drive product innovation and customer advocacy.

m-ize Solution: Improve Customer Trust, Confidence and Sales Conversion

m-ize Rating & Review Solution enables customers to provide and share ratings and reviews on mobile, web, and social channels. Consumers can view summary ratings and friends’ ratings to make confident decisions.

Consumers can vote and comment to identify and percolate useful reviews while pushing down inappropriate content.In addition to reviews, customers also have the ability to seek advice and opinions from friends in real-time to help with purchase decisions.

With Ratings & Reviews Solution, Brands Will Be Able To:

  • Generate more reviews by providing customers a trusted and easy way to rate and review products
  • Share ratings on live feed with friends, enabling social product discovery and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Request customers to review products for their own list at relevant touchpoints, increasing quantity and quality of ratings
  • Encourage more reviews by incentivizing customers with reward and loyalty points for rating products and sharing on their social networks
  • Gain Customer Insights by analyzing ratings and review data by product, category, customer demographics and location
  • Consolidate ratings and reviews from syndicated and multiple sources
  • Use ratings & reviews as input for Voice of Customer (VoC) to improve products and customer satisfaction
  • Instantly assist customers when rating to convert detractors into loyal customers and net promoters

Studies show that 95% of unhappy customers will return to a brand if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. m-ize solution enables brands to get immediate visibility of new reviews, amplify positive, respond to negative and analyze review data, driving both product and service improvements.

Benefits to Customers

  • Help make better purchase decisions quickly
  • Increase trust by viewing reviews from friends on social networks
  • Enhance shopping experience with easier access to ratings & reviews on multiple channels
  • Realize better value by selecting more suitable & better quality products

Benefits to Brands

  • Increase conversion rate because of buyer’s confidence in purchase decisions
  • Generate more traffic, demand & sales by leveraging user generated content
  • Reduce returns as customers select right products
  • Convert detractors into loyal customers by responding to negative reviews quickly
  • Make smarter business decisions by analyzing ratings, reviews, feedback & VoC data
  • Increase marketing ROI by facilitating social product discovery & word-of-mouth referrals
  • Improve customer satisfaction, advocacy & Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Let Ratings & Reviews Work For You

Ratings and Reviews help brands market and sell products more effectively. Take control and benefit from ratings and reviews by showcasing the superior value of products and services.

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