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Subscription Services

Recurring Revenues & Profits from Auto-Fulfillment

Current Situation:

Lower product performance and missed revenue opportunities

Subscription ServicesConsumers own many products that require regular maintenance and replacement of consumables.

If regular maintenance is not preformed, consumers may not get the best value out of their products and require more repair services due to premature product failures.

Brands lose revenues and profit from missed maintenance, suffering from customer dissatisfaction.

Auto-replacement subscription services enable brands to send consumers a new replacement or schedule maintenance at regular intervals when it’s needed.

Solution: Simple & Automated Subscription Programs

m-ize Subscription Service solution enables brands to acquire and retain subscribers to grow recurring revenues. Consumers have multiple options at different touch points to subscribe for auto-replacement programs, increasing new customer acquisition.

Using the subscription solution, consumers can:

  • Subscribe online or through a mobile app using a simple interface
  • Select product from own list & navigate to relevant consumables or accessories
  • Subscribe for an auto-replacement program at time of product purchase or registration
  • Identify parts being replaced by scanning barcode or QR code with their mobile device

Manage Subscription Programs

Consumers can manage all the subscription programs and information from online or through a mobile app. Depending on selected subscription frequency, consumer will receive an advance notice prior to each scheduled shipment. Email or push notification confirms order details, shipping and billing information. Consumers will have an option to return old parts to recycle; helping to make a positive impact on the environment.

Effective Subscription Campaigns

In addition to using web and email options, m-ize solution supports mobile and social channels to market, sell and manage subscription programs. Smarter Customer Engagement engine will provide better ways for marketing to reach consumers at different touchpoints and present relevant offers.

Customer Insight & Analytics

Customer Insights provides dashboards and detailed analytics to help marketers optimize campaigns, promotions and customer segmentation. Brands can evaluate marketing programs, using predictive analytics to determine the customer propensity and target right offers.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Convenient home delivery, scheduled at selected, regular intervals
  • Products function at their peak performance providing better value
  • Savings from special promotional & shipping offers from brands
  • Pay-As-You-Go with advanced notifications of shipments
  • Manage subscription programs online or via mobile app

Benefits to Brands

  • Additional and predictable revenues & profits
  • Better customer experience by improving convenience
  • Better product performance enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Strengthened long-term customer relationships facilitating cross-sell & up-sell

Grow Recurring Revenues

The Mize Pay-for-Performance model allows brands to implement robust subscription programs to begin reaping immediate benefits.

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