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Support Management Software.


Next-Generation Support (mSupport™)

Help Resolve Product Issues Faster on Any Channel

In today’s competitive market, customers demand professional support whenever and wherever they need help. Businesses also expect their support teams to work within multiple systems and quickly utilize various processes; all of which create barriers for customer to effectively obtain support for their products and services.

To combat these issues, Mize Support Smart Blox streamlines the support process by providing a single point of entry for customers. With the dawn of mobile apps and web portals, support can be provided at any time, in any situation.

The Support Smart Blox:

  • Creates, manages, and monitors support requests in real-time and minimizes data entry by retrieving customer and product information automatically
  • Mobilizes your support with iOS/Android apps so your customers can obtain help anywhere
  • Automatically generates a service order or a warranty claim from support requests
  • Orders parts and directly ships to the specific location where they are required
  • Generates RMA (Return Material Authorization) and shipping labels from major carriers such as Fedex or UPS
  • Dispatches a qualified field service technician or to a service center
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party systems


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Benefits to Consumers

  • Enhances product ownership and customer experience
  • Eliminates queues and frustration associated with call centers providing a call-now access feature on mobile apps
  • Empowers customers for self-service through the Support SmartBlox web portal
  • Enables faster resolution to support and service issues by connecting internal systems and teams

Benefits to the Support Team

  • Gains efficiency, speed, and value in customer service operations
  • Results in satisfied customers and improved Net Promoter Score
  • Lowers cost of support and service per customer
  • Smarter Customer Engagement helps grow service revenue and profitability
  • Decreases reliance on call center agents by providing 24/7 self-service

Features List

User Configurable

Companies can configure, monitor, and optimize each aspect of their processes to improve the overall customer experience

Quick and easy data entry

  • Minimizes the amount of data required to be enter
  • Scan in serial numbers using product bar code
  • Data auto-population based on user login/profile
  • Integrates with registration system so user can select their product from their registered product list

Monitor and manage support request

  • Users and Dealer get real-time information on the status of their request
  • Ability to saved requests as draft so they can return later to complete and submit request

Fast access to help

  • Can place a call to support directly from app
  • Call will be routed directly to appropriate support agent based on product and/or other parameters
  • Integrates with M-ize SmartPanel which performs a auto-lookup of relevant help topics, how to guides, videos, etc. as user enters support data

Cross Platform Support

  • Mobile applications on iOS and Android
  • Web Portal supporting dynamic HTML


  • Dashboard Reports
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Export reports to Excel and PDF
  • Bulk Data importing/exporting in CSV files
  • Reports generated by IBM Cognos Connection

Integration with other support systems including Salesforce


Start screen dashboard displays three configurable reports:

  • Support Request by Status
  • Support Request by Type by Business Area
  • Support Request by Resolution Time
  • Drill down on any dashboard report to get the report full screen and get detailed data
  • Displays a list of the most recently opened support requests with the current status displayed next to each request

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