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Voice of the Customer.


Voice of the Customer

Listen to, understand and act in real-time on the Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Current Situation:

Customer feedback collected using current methods is not timely, specific or accurate.

Voice of the CustomerExisting Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are scattered across various platforms and not able to cope with emerging interactive channels and touchpoints.

Customers have the means and access to cause damage to brand reputation through social networks if brands do not act and resolve issues promptly and quickly.

To align with expectations and preferences of today’s connected, mobile and social consumers, brands need ways to:

  • Gather customer feedback in real-time across multiple channels throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Incorporate customers’ wants & needs into ever shrinking product cycles to gain wider acceptance
  • Resolve issues quickly to keep customers satisfied and loyal
  • Communicate and share customer insights with various stakeholders to enhance customer experiences

Mize Voice of the Customer Solution: Drive Product Innovation & Customer Loyalty

Mize VoC solution enables customers to provide feedback at critical touchpoints in their journey using product ratings, reviews, survey responses, complaints, suggestions and discussions on various community forums and channels. Using the VoC solution, customers can scan products to provide instant feedback or quickly answer targeted and contextual questions on their mobile device.

Mize Voice of the Customer SolutionVoC solution acts as a cost effective market research platform helping brands to drive innovation based on true customer wants and needs. By leveraging VoC data, product managers can prioritize features for product upgrades and new releases based on deeper understanding of customer’s expectations and preferences.

In addition to capturing the specific feedback, Mize solution automatically creates a VoC request, routes it to the right person based on workflow and business rules, and tracks the request to successful resolution. This closed loop feedback management process ensures all customer issues are addressed quickly to raise customer satisfaction levels.

Companies can listen to brand conversations on social channels and cultivate customer communities. Brands can identify and organize customer testimonials in order to recognize and reward satisfied customers to foster and amplify brand advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

Customer Insights summarizes VoC information from multiple sources to distill overall customer sentiment and experience. Different stakeholders can drill down to see the feedback on any specific Category, Product, Region or Channel Partner to identify opportunities for improvement in achieving the customer experience goals.

Mize VoC solution combines intuitive mobile apps, flexible Customer Central portal, powerful analytics and a robust customer engagement platform. The combination of these elements enables brands to be more customer-centric and grow a loyal customer base.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Faster resolution of issues by brands
  • Ease and convenience of interaction between brands & communities
  • Empowerment to drive product improvements and & development
  • Realization of better value from products & services
  • Increased satisfaction & improved experience

Benefits to Brands

  • Build a sustainable, competitive advantage by being more customer-centric and responsive to consumer’s expectations, preferences, wants & needs
  • Prevent potential damage to brand reputation by acting on customer input & resolving issues quickly
  • Reduce customer churn by mobilizing the organizational resources to keep customers satisfied & loyal
  • Enlist customers into the design process helping to deliver features that increase sales & market share
  • Capture customer feedback and identify opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, advocacy & Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Amplify positive feedback & customer testimonials; increasing revenues through word-of-mouth sales

Let Voice of the Customer Fuel Market Leadership

Deliver products consumers want and grow loyal customer base using the Mize VoC Solution.

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