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Supplier Warranty Portal for Manufacturers (OEMs).


Product Manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly expecting the suppliers to take more responsibility for parts design and warranty cost-sharing. OEMs and Suppliers need to collaborate more effectively to improve product quality, reduce warranty costs and prevent costly recalls.

Unified Supplier Warranty Portal

Responsibility for supplier warranty management is spread across Warranty, Quality, and Supplier Management departments within an OEM organization, The department and data silos create barriers to the flow of warranty information and collaboration with a supplier in solving the problems.

The efficient and timely flow of warranty information across all stakeholders in the Warranty Chain including Dealers, OEMs, and Suppliers is critical to gain access to the data necessary to detect and correct emerging quality issues.

Unified Supplier Warranty Portal can bridge the information gaps by instantly generating and sharing supplier claims from incoming warranty claims from dealers and also utilize all the data in creating early warnings for quality departments of both OEMs and suppliers.


Benefits to both OEM and Suppliers

Using a unified Supplier Warranty Portal, both OEMs and Suppliers can benefit from:

  • Reduced warranty costs and incidents
  • Increased Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Prevention of costly and damaging recalls
  • Streamlined and efficient warranty cost-sharing
  • Avoid delays in sharing critical warranty and diagnostic data
  • Reduced Detection to Correction cycle time

Supplier Warranty Portal powered by mWarranty

A Supplier Warranty Portal powered by Mize Warranty Software (mWarranty), enables common Warranty management processes, Software tools, and Standard data templates to improve communication and collaboration between OEMs and Suppliers.

mWarranty enables OEMs to:

  • Ensure the timely and efficient exchange of Warranty Claims, Returned Parts (RMAs) and supporting data with Suppliers
  • Manage all supplier terms and conditions, reimbursement policies and return requirements
  • Share standard warranty and failure data in real-time with suppliers to facilitate faster and more effective root cause analysis
  • Reduce the need for unnecessary parts returns by enriching claim data with picture, video, and diagnostic data
  • Manage Part returns with Direct to Vendor shipment and direct integration with carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and others
  • Facilitate more collaboration among OEMs, Suppliers, and Dealers to reduce No Trouble Found (NTF) issues
  • Provide Warranty dashboards, Key metrics, and analytics to created a shared early warning system

Cost Effective and Robust Solution

Mize offers Supplier Warranty Portal cost effectively by:

  • A Cloud-based Warranty Software (mWarranty) with a simple subscription model to reduce upfront investment in costly hardware, software and implementation services
  • Exchange Claims, RMAs, and analytics data securely and reliably using scalable infrastructure powered by AWS
  • Share warranty data using different file formats (Excel, CSV, XML, JSON)
  • Allow Suppliers to access their warranty data using web services to integrate with Supplier Warranty Software or ERP systems using CX Connect

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