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Supplier Portal.

Orchestrate Service and Parts Supply Chain to Enhance Customer Experience

Over 70% of any complex manufactured product’s content is provided by the Component and Part suppliers. Suppliers also play a vital role in supporting OEMs on Warranty, Service Parts, and Quality Improvement. Most Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems focus on procurement but lack the functionality to manage Supplier relationships and communication throughout the product lifecycle.

Mize Supplier Portal enables OEM and Supplier collaboration during the service lifecycle to enhance customer service, optimize costs, and improve quality.

Mize Supplier Portal streamlines the OEM and Supplier interactions, communication and data exchange for:

  • Supplier Contact information
  • Parts Purchase Orders
  • Parts Cost Changes
  • Parts Returns
  • Supplier Warranty Claims
  • Quality Metrics
  • Documents, Forms, and Digital Assets
  • Exceptions and Parts Support

OEMs and Suppliers can realize immediate benefits from Supplier Portal:

  • Reduce Parts Inventory Costs
  • Improve Collaboration and Communication
  • Improve Part and Product Quality
  • Reduce Warranty Costs
  • Deliver better Customer Service

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Simplify supplier Onboarding and communications

Supplier Portal simplifies new supplier onboarding and ongoing communications with suppliers. Instead of numerous emails, excel files, and faxes, Supplier Portal centralizes all the communication and information exchange which can be easily searched or referenced whenever needed.

Track Orders, Shipments, and Delivery

All stakeholders can search and view the status of Purchase Orders, Shipments, and Delivery for traceability, real-time visibility, and tracking.

Supplier Warranty and Recovery

Supplier Warranty Claims, Parts Returns (RMA), and Quality Dashboards can be accessed online to collaborate on reducing warranty costs and improve product quality.

Track Supplier Performance and Quality metrics

OEMs and Suppliers have access to performance metrics, quality analysis, and score cards to drive improvements in the Supply Chain.

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Compliance and Contract tracking

All Supplier agreements, Contracts, Documents, and Forms can be centrally tracked to help with Supplier compliance, cost changes, and performance commitments.

Parts and Service Information

Exchange Illustrated parts information for Spare Parts Catalogs, Diagnostic information and repair instructions for service manuals with suppliers to provide a consolidated Knowledge required for dealers to service any of the components.

Optimize Customer Experience

Mize Portal helps OEMs manage the supplier relationships in the post-sale area to optimize customer experience.  Supplier Portal when combined with My Customer Portal and Channel Connect, enables OEMs to orchestrate the connected customer experience throughout the service lifecycle.

Global Supply Chain Support

Mize Portal helps you to manage the global supply chain by supporting multiple languages, currencies, and localization.  Supplier Portal and information is accessible 24 X 7 from a Web browser to coordinate complex supply chains across the world.

Integrated Supplier Management

Mize CX Connect enables you to seamlessly integrate with ERP and SCM systems, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) companies, and other enterprise systems of record for continuous flow of up-to-date and accurate information between OEMs and Suppliers.

Cloud-based and Cost Effective Subscription model

Mize Supplier Portal is hosted on CX Cloud powered by a scalable and robust cloud infrastructure to provide a reliable and high-performance system. The cost-effective subscription model (SaaS) with Cloud option eliminates upfront investment in costly infrastructure, license and implementation services.

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